4 Tips to Protect Your Business During the Pandemic 

With every successful business, there is a strong foundation coupled with security as a priority. Whether you’re running an existing business or starting a new one, taking steps to protect your investment is very important. Unfortunately, business security is just one of the many afterthoughts by business owners and entrepreneurs. 

Statistics have shown a 424% increase in data breaches alone in 2019, a significant concern with businesses adopting digitalization amid the pandemic. While you may not be able to control every contingency, here are five ways to protect and ensure your business continues to run smoothly. 

Create a business plan

As COVID continues to spread, the longer it may take to return to normal, which is why several businesses are taking up safety measures to protect themselves and their staff. Firms are taking several precautions, including developing or patching up an existing emergency plan. If you don’t have one yet, this is an ideal opportunity to tool up. Creating an emergency plan isn’t just about laying out business steps after an outbreak but also implementing measures to protect your staff and business before catastrophe strikes. When in doubt, consider these steps; 

  • What happens when there is an outbreak
  • How workers can reach out during an emergency 
  • What happens to business activities when there’s an outbreak  

Adopt Remote Work if Possible 

If your business doesn’t have a remote working policy already, now is an excellent time to implement one.  With the current surge in coronavirus numbers and the potential second wave of infection, businesses are exploring alternative working schedules to keep employees working with limited or no physical contact. Have you tried remote working, or is this a whole new policy for your business? Your type of business and industry will determine whether remote working is a good fit for your workplace. For example, the need for extra equipment and face-to-face interaction between staff and clients, may be a challenge. 

Reassess Your Cleaning Processes 

Re-evaluating your cleaning processes may sound obvious but can’t be ignored. You need to ensure the workplace is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized as the fight against COVID-19 How regularly are your business premises being cleaned? Twice every week or consistently? Regardless of what your answer may be, now is an excellent time to ensure cleaning is done as often as possible. Consider how you can improve your cleaning methods to secure your business and its operations. To guarantee a carefully cleaned company, consider the following; 

  • Increase how regularly your office is cleaned 
  • Stock up on effective COVID cleaning agents like disinfectants, cleaners, and hand sanitizers. 
  • Ensure staff sanitize their work areas every day 
  • Ask sick employees to avoid coming to work
  • Urge employees to wash their hands often

Secure Business Data

onsider backing up your business data and files to cloud storage and distribution systems. This will likewise ensure you and your staff can access your documents from everywhere. At the point when your data is put away in the cloud, you don’t need to stress over a smashed hard drive or fire on your premises destroying valuable data. Train your staff about security measures and ensure the implementation of proper firewalls to guard against intruders. You can also take up an escrow agreement for software to secure your business application source code and licenses and ensure your software’s smooth running even when the provider is out of business.   

Keeping everything secured in your business is crucial to guaranteeing business success. Things can be much simpler if you follow these tips.