Auntie Knows Best: Revolutionary Indian Matchmaking

Revolutionary Indian Matchmaking Engine Marries Traditional Values with Modern-Day Technology For Seamless Love Interactions

South Asians have grown up hearing the phrase: “Auntie Knows Best!” Now Texas-based, Indian-American serial entrepreneur, Radha Patel, puts these words into motion by launching the tech-driven, dating service intended for South Asian singles and families alike. Meet THE AUNTIE NETWORK, an online matchmaking portal in North America, where well-wishing friends and family members facilitate the dating and, ultimately, marriage process for the singles in their lives by vetting prospects and making introductions that could, potentially, lead to a lifetime of companionship. Think of it as a dating app for Desi parents! “For decades, the Sima Aunties (Indian Matchmaking on Netflix) of the world have leveraged their networks to introduce single men and women to prospective life partners. Now, imagine if we could ALL harness the power of our inner Sima Aunties and had access to a network of singles all over North America, and eventually from the diaspora around the world,” said Patel, founder and CEO of The Auntie Network and happily-married mother of two. “Just like grooming a child into an adult takes a village, finding that adult his/her plus one for life ALSO takes a village. Our platform aims to provide a safe, secure, sophisticated village for Indian singles who don’t cringe at the thought of a digitally-arranged marriage.”

Here’s How It Works: 

Step 1: Create an Account at
Start by making your own “parent” account. This is how you will talk to the parents of prospective matches and share profiles with your kids.

Step 2: Search the Network
Find eligible matches by location, community, and many other search options. Save and favorite profiles or share potential matches with your children.

Step 3: Meet Other Aunties & Uncles
Get to know parents of eligible singles and determine together if your children are a good match. Involve your kids as little or as much as they want in the search process.

Step 4: Introduce Your Kids
Recommend hand picked matches for your kids. They can talk to one another & decide if this is their life partner. Help make your family complete because after all… Auntie knows best!