Noalim: Creating Ethically Sourced Leather Goods

There are many different types of leather, ranging from various animal hides to vegan to tanning; a chemical process that prevents the animal skin from decomposing. For years, the argument has been whether the process of leather-making subscribes to animal cruelty. In today’s socially-conscious and eco-conscious climate, the natural question arises, can leather be ethically sourced? There are more and more ethical leather producers committed to overcoming this issue of raising animals solely for the purpose of leather production. New York novice designer Noa Greenspan is one of them. Creating an ethically sourced leather goods brand, NoaLim, that is revolutionizing the way we look at leather. 

Real leather goods may have an opportunity to be ethical and eco-friendly. “In sustainable leather sourcing, animals are not raised solely for the purpose of leather production,” says Noa. “The leather I use is a byproduct. I wanted to create a socially conscious brand that contributed to a more socially conscious fashion industry.” By sourcing leather from animals that are first a local product of the meat industry, it contributes to a larger circular economy, helping ensure no part of the animal is wasted. 

Growing up in a small rural town in Israel, Noa has always had a connection with nature and creating with her hands. “I come from a long ancestral lineage of creatives,” says Noa. “My Mom is an artist and creates costumes and set designs. My father is a dentist and creates crowns. He also stains glass and does wood work.” From her uncle’s sartorial men’s shop on Saville Row in London to her great-great grandfather’s hat shop on the lower east side in New York. Noa was born with a fiery creative spirit that would not rest until she pursued her passions. In 2012, the novice designer followed in her mothers footsteps, moved to New York City  and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology. After a successful tenure at the iconic fashion school. Noa was ready to launch her career. 

In 2017, NoaLim, which means “to lock” in Hebrew, came to life. After a chance internship at a renowned leather goods showroom in midtown Manhattan, Noa was offered a full-time position as the showroom manager. The showroom was not any ordinary showroom, supplying exotic leather goods to illustrious brands such as Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Hermes and many more luxury brands. Surrounded by the gold-mine of materials and scraps, Noa began to create in her spare time. “I honed my craft by working across mediums like stained glass, metal, wood, and costume design,” says Noa. Prior to graduating from  F.I.T. Noa studied accessory design in Tel Aviv under Kobi Levi, a world renowned artist whose statement footwear has been seen on superstars such as Lady Gaga. “I am a cobbler. A glover. A milliner. A couturier. I am unconventional. I melt into my work by melding theory and practice across the milieu of fashion,” says the exotic leather goods designer. From small exotic leather accessories such as bracelets, wallets, lighters and hair accessories. NoaLim expanded from shoes to custom handbags. 

NoaLim is committed to their mission and social impact. Their motto, up-cycled products means no leather goes to waste. Sustainable sourcing, production, and distribution practices are at the heart of everything they do. Wildlife welfare is of utmost importance to the NoaLim community. Offering a percentage of proceeds donated after every sale.  

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