Brush with Genius: Fini, the Latest Addition to the Artis Collection, Paints a Picture Perfect Complexion

Fini Artis

Artis, the Latin word for skill, method, or technique, brought a disruptive perspective to the process of makeup self-application to design and create a new category of beauty tools that enable a more intuitive, beautiful, and ergonomic experience.

To further enhance and streamline the makeup application process, Artis has designed the Fini Brush to create a beauty experience that is graceful, meditative, and expressive with remarkable results. Through the technique of gliding, the FIni Brush applies all of your favorite products from moisturizer to cream, liquid, or powder makeup flawlessly. 

The Fini Brush is what some have described as the perfect size and configuration for a universal makeup brush. Easy to hold and maneuver and perfect to apply a foundation, contour, blush, highlighting, skincare, and setting powder to areas of the face and body. The Fini Brush can also be used to apply skincare, like moisturizer and sunscreen to your face and body, or to extend your summer glow with your favorite sunless tanner or bronzing product.

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