NakedPoppy takes clean cosmetics out of the shadows and into the light for the ultimate beauty-buying experience.

Once upon a time, in the not too distant past, organic makeup had its place. A very small one, usually at a neighborhood health store or vitamin and supplement website. While well-meaning and earnest, the limited selection of colors and textures were not exactly the pinnacle of glamour. But if you wanted clean or eco-conscious, there was little room to complain.

Fast forward to 2019 and, my oh my, how the world has evolved. Eco-beauty is uber-chic with some clever marketing strategies to go along with it, but is it as clean as we think? In short, no. At least not most of what is labeled as such. Without rattling off cumbrous numbers and data that isn’t much fun– just know that the FDA has banned or restricted only 30 chemicals used in makeup while the EU has barred 1,382. And this is where NakedPoppy founders and heroines in chief Jaleh Bisharat and Kimberly Shenk come in and save the day – or at least our skin and the task of shopping for honest to goodness clean beauty.

Bisharat is a former Silicon Valley C-level exec at some companies you may have heard of; Amazon, Eventbrite, and OpenTable. Shenk is a data scientist wiz with stints at the US Air Force and MIT on her not too shabby curriculum vitae. These two masterminds put their clean lifestyle-loving brans together to create not just a website to buy clean and safe curated products, but a technology that would make buying it easy, personal, and even fun.

So how does NakedPoppy determine what’s clean? A rigorous vetting process that is kind of like applying to MIT or Stanford: few get accepted and there’s no slacking off once in the door.

Screen. Every ingredient is meticulously checked against a lengthy list of cosmetic no-nos. No toxic ingredient gets a pass. None.

Test. Products must get the nod of approval from a panel of beauty professionals. Every product must perform as well as any high-end brand. That means elegant texture, high pigmentation, long-lasting, and stylish packaging.

Vet. For Bisharat and Shenk, clean beauty is a lifestyle choice that rejoices in beauty from the inside out. It’s not mere marketing hype. NakedPoppy only chooses manufacturers that have a people-first philosophy. At the time of Naked Poppy launch, you can find brands such as Lily Lolo, Ilia, Kosas, Vapour, Au Naturale, and Antonym just to name a few.

So what’s the fun part, you ask? It’s where intelligent proprietary technology and shopping converge for a curated selection of clean cosmetics tailored to you. First, you answer a few easy-breezy questions that will take only three minutes, 5 dollar deposit casino followed by a photo of the inside of your wrist. These enable NakedPoppy to determine your exact skin tone and select suitable products for your complexion, skin type, special needs, and desired outcome and goals. No more clicking through endless pages of product that you can’t use. It’s mistake-proof, but you can always shop a la carte anytime you like.

“Our data science, green chemistry, and makeup artist teams worked around the clock to develop this personalized experience, which we believe is a breakthrough in how people will shop for beauty products going forward.” Kimberly Shenk,

Shopping on NakedPoppy is all about you. Clean beauty is about all of us. We’re in it together.