caire beautySay hello to the revolutionary warrior ready to combat hormonal-related aging. You may proudly attest you already have a medicine chest or vanity table full of the trendiest skincare a conscious beauty consumer could own. You read labels, are committed to clean ingredients, and use sunscreen every day. And for that, we applaud you because you are on the right track. But did you know;

  • Hormone decline negatively impacts the ability of a woman’s body to produce skin molecules. Meaning the loss of estrogen causes a decline in skin cell production.
  • Ninety-nine percent addresses surface hydration only, never reaching actual cells
  • Most so-called anti-aging skincare is designed for anyone over 25, man or woman. It’s basically a one-size-fits-all world and apart from teen acne, brands simply don’t think about adult female hormone issues. 

And now you know why those pricey creams and serums aren’t the magic panacea they claim. Caire was developed by two prominent beauty business veterans, Celeste Lee and Lorrie King, who knew the beauty business has done a disservice to women over 40. They also wanted a message of empowerment rather than discomfort or shame, delivered with humor and camaraderie.

After meeting with scientists to learn how and why skin aging changes after 40 and again at the onset of actual menopause, they realized there was an opportunity to educate and enlighten modern women by treating their skin with science-backed, clean, hormone-responsive skincare solutions. 

caire beauty“It was super important to me to ensure that Caire science is both clean and clinically sound. There are dozens of skincare companies in the world. And yet women over 40 and 50, which is the single largest group of women in the country, are not offered sophisticated solutions created specifically for them,” asserts co-founder Lorrie King.

Caire’s Ph.D. designed formulations take a revolutionary “hormone defying” approach to the aging concerns of sags, bags, and skin volume with exclusive science-backed bio-nutritive ingredients including a triple blend of Hyaluronic Acid that travels deep beneath the skin’s surface to help women build back firmness and glow in their complexion. It’s serious skincare with superpowers! 

 Caire Defiance Science™ uses a proprietary Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Complex to infuse missing HA molecules into the skin and trigger the natural growth of new HA skin molecules. By helping skin to replace and regrow ‘lost’ HA skin molecules, Caire Beauty can help 40+ women turn back the clock in a scientifically superpowered way. Caire Beauty also benefits from a natural bio ferment delivery system that mimics how single-cell organisms and plants take in and process micronutrients in nature to enhance the bioavailability of Caire’s HA complex. This means the skin can receive the Ultra-Low Weight HA molecules-the tiniest on the market today, as well as the Growth Factor Peptide that triggers new HA production.

carla hallTo spread the message loud and clear, the Caire founders invited top beauty media and influencers to a Zoom pow wow hosted by Lee, Kim, and celebrity chef and Food Network star Carla Hall. While getting the scoop on Caire’s breakthrough scientific skin recipe, the ever good-natured and eloquent Hall pitched in with humorous anecdotes about aging and menopause while she blended a nutritious mocktail of powdered collagen, ginger, and mint.  

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