Nudestix Pops into West Hollywood: The Minimalist Brands Debuts Their First West-Coast Pop-Up Oct 2-5, 2021


Who would have imagined a brand that began as a line of multi-use pencils would be so outrageously successful? Well, teenagers Ally and Taylor, plus gorgeous mom Jenny, knew what women wanted before anyone else did–quality, clean, minimalist makeup that was the antithesis of the dramatic, hours in front of a mirror look that was all the rage in 2014.

Founders Jenny and Taylor Frankel

As the world is in the throes of post-pandemic fallout, Nudestix premiered their first Los Angeles pop-up on Melrose Ave. As is appropriate for the times, the hands-free event encourages visitors to test colors and products virtually via a smartphone or tablet. With master makeup demonstrations and helpful assistants always nearby, guests can meet their matching shade minus the mess and fuss of pre-pandemic makeup shopping. And the open, well-lit industrial space coordinates seamlessly with the Nudestix ethos, with ample room to browse and chat with brand experts.

Perhaps most salient, Nudestix is an eco-conscious brand committed to a low carbon footprint. As firm believers and practitioners of minimal packaging and waste, Nudestix makes recycling their signature black tins as hassle-free as possible. Just check out their website here to learn how.

The Nudestix LA Pop-Up is located at,
8211 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046