Cosmetics and personal care are often front and center of the green lifestyle and we had the privilege to discover emerging brands as well as becoming reacquainted with some of the pioneers of clean beauty.

For the sixth consecutive year, Organic Spa Magazine invited selected media and influencers to experience and explore the current and future trends in natural beauty, travel, and wellness living. Once a niche lifestyle choice, active eco-consciousness is gaining momentum and acceptance in every segment of the consumer marketplace. While attendees enjoyed healthy refreshments and relaxing hand and shoulder massages, a panel of wellness experts discoursed on the developments in wellness travel, zero waste products, and a global tenet of mindfulness of planet and self.

In the rapidly expanding realm of organic wellness, these are our picks of the brands that produce high-performance products that go beyond just being green.




Our favorite new Canadian import. Merging uncompromising luxury and ingredient integrity, Okoko is where green beauty meets the avant-garde. Innovative and results-driven formulas are only the beginning. All Okoko products meet EU standards and undergo rigorous testing for purity and performance. All their packaging, from tissue paper to shipping boxes, are recycled, non-toxic, compostable, and biodegradable. Okoko also actively gives back to the community to fight human trafficking, hunger, and poverty.



Her renowned NYC spa is a destination for international A-listers where the Resculptor Facial is the red carpet secret weapon of choice. Celebrity aesthetician Tracie Martyn and holistic nutritionist Marius Morariu have been featured in Vogue, Forbes, and The Oprah Winfrey Show, in addition to numerous “Best of” lists. The purple-hued serums are akin to fairy potions of youth. What you may not know is all their products are completely organic and free of petrochemicals. Using carefully selected botanicals and phytonutrients, Tracie Martyn Skincare is nothing less than nutrition for your skin that blends ancient alchemy with modern cosmetic science.


Vitamins can be bitter pills to swallow. Literally. While some wrestle with the unpleasant odor, taste, and difficulty swallowing, others forgo vitamins altogether. To make things more palatable, vitamin manufacturers add coating and shellac for easier intake. But the sacrifice is that these more pleasant iterations deliver only a small percentage of the nutrients needed. Frunutta is the perfectly pure solution to the vitamin or dilemma. At only a fraction of the size of standard oral supplements, Frunutta immediately dissolves under the tongue with no need to swallow. The correct amount of dosage is delivered directly to the bloodstream for maximum health benefits.




One of the very few USDA-certified brands on the market. Made in small batches through sustainable harvesting and fair trade practices and from the purest ingredients, Mizz Bloom is an advocate for the beauty and health of your skin and the environment. What goes into the products is as important as what is left out and the result is luxuriously efficacious products that have earned them a gold seal. And did we mention the divine citrus aroma?



The original purveyor of the Slow Beauty Movement- rituals to awaken relaxation, deliver nourishment and set in motion the return to a state of wholeness- SpaRitual carries the healing spa ethos to the professional self-care activist. Their vegan nail care and lacquers have set an industry standard and the uber-emollient body balms are duplicated by none. Now with new packaging design and fragrance options, the return to Slow Beauty could never be more timely.


What is thalassotherapy? We’re so glad you asked. It’s an ancient and therapeutic self-care method that utilizes aquatic vegetation, biomimicry, and marine ingredients to directly impact and impart anti-aging benefits. More specifically, seaweed is a life force for skin health. When applied directly to the dermis, it has the capacity for exterior skin repair, recharge, and renewal. It is a potent blend of bioidentical compounds that facilitate dermal well-being. AMA yields the power of the oceans with a line of limited ingredient, mindfully curated and organic products that ignite skin with superlative energy from nature.



Anyone with their eyes open has noticed CBD products everywhere, including the local drug store. Not all CBD goods are created equal, however, and TresMonet is no less than the Rolls-Royce of the industry. Harvested from the purest and most potent ingredients with an R&D team, these are not your ho-hum CBD creams and lotions. From non-psychoactive ingestible and balms with 1000-2000mg of wholesome extract to coffee with pure hemp oil for a full-bodied flavor combined with the benefits of CBD.

Their latest innovation is premium cutting-edge skincare infused with active stem cells, vitamins and botanicals along with a potent blend of their proprietary hemp-derived CBD. On par with pharmaceutical strength skincare, visible results can be seen in less than one week.


The Portland-based brand has built a universal following for its affordably effective vegan skincare and its cuter-than-thou packaging. They’ve now taken their delightful brand ethos by introducing a line of makeup that includes mascara, concealer, an eye & cheek tint, plus a floral makeup bag to match. For the ladies who love to rock the natural look, all are free of silicone, petrochemicals, parabens, perfume, SLS, phthalates, animal ingredients, animal testing, synthetic colors, and dyes.



Plant-based, toxin-free, responsibly sourced, natural and organic and infused with essential oils. Savvy Minerals by Young Living® is not just another brand touting the all-natural moniker. They go beyond EU standards by banning 2,500 ingredients, even some deemed ‘natural” by other brands. Savvy Minerals also participates in the Seed to Seal program partnership that ensures the most ethically sourced and produced products available.


From the beloved Kerstin Florian brand of spa skincare, “anda” is Swedish for “breath.” Inspired by a holistic and personal growth lifestyle, Anda honors the tradition of luxury skincare with purpose. For those who seek balance, harmony, and premium ingredients derived from nature, Anda is a breath of pure and pristine air.



You may know SheaMoisture from your local big-box store, but here is what you probably didn’t know. A whopping 10% of SheaMoisture Community Commerce purchases are invested in efforts that support women-owned and led businesses locally and around the world. In Ghana, proceeds are developing critical community infrastructures and in the U.S, investments are made in entrepreneurial and educational programs that empower women and transform communities. So shop those big box stores and help women and families everywhere.



Founder Melissa J. Buckley may have started Honeybee Gardens in her kitchen sink, but fortunately for all of us, the products don’t contain everything but the kitchen sink. casino minsta insättning 20 kr Buckley studied tirelessly about herbs and botanicals so she could produce a complete line of cosmetic, hair, and body care products that are 100% natural and free of irritants and environmental pollutants. In addition, they uphold the highest customer service standard and commitment to maintaining consumer affordability.



Lather began as a small line of pure olive oil-based soaps. A surprising cult following ensued, and Lather eventually grew into a full-fledged business of body, face, hair, and home care and hotel products. As a PETA and Leaping Bunny approved company, Lather is a carbon-neutral business. They use Eco Pure in all packaging, recycled materials, and soy-based inks. They also work closely with Baobab Guardians, which employs and empowers women in South Africa and works hard to ensure the survival of the oldest tree on Earth.