The Angelo David Salon: An Extended Retreat for the Hair

By Lauren Clarke-Bennett

A look into Angelo David, a hair extension guru and stylist to the stars as well as an expert on thinning hair and other hair problems.

For the September issue of Millennium MagazineAviva Drescher, from the Real Housewives of NYC graced the cover with many commenting on how gorgeous her hair looked. At the shoot, a dynamic makeup and hair stylist duo, which came from the highly acclaimed, Angelo David Salon in Midtown Manhattan spun their magic and that set the stage for our exploration into the salon’s world of all things hair and beauty.

Angelo David Salon salon goes far beyond the standard services, giving the client a true feeling of luxury. From the time you step off the elevator, you’re engaged in a consultation. You then experience a super shampoo and conditioner with a wonderful massage that seems to goes on forever. You’re left feeling ultra-pampered.

The color, cut and styling is a work of art until itself, but the real magic is in the owner and Creative Director, Angelo David, whose ability to add an illusionary element with his Couture Hair Extensions & Additions™ that look so real they defy Mother Nature.

David also discovered through his experience with hair health that thinning and balding hair often starts from a lack of nutrients and thus the creation of Hair Detox™ by Angelo David was born.  To help stimulate fine hair to grow in stronger with less shedding and breakage the Laser Hair Care is applied asa cutting edge treatment used at the salon for people with early stage baldness.

David followed in his father, uncle and cousin’s footsteps by going to hairdressing school.

“This is not a bad deal,” he said and fell in love with the artistry that allowed him to express his amped up energy and “accomplish something”.

His father also worked in the wig and hairpiece industry which gave Angelo the ability to combine his hair dressing skills with the hair extension business. Thus began his life’s career and filling a void in that area of expertise.

“Bad or thinning hair can be devastating to some,” said Angelo. “But here we create amazing transformations that include going from limp to a full head of hair to just a bit of volume and adding length.”

They custom design for where the customer needs more hair and cater to people with Alopecia and those dealing with chemotherapy, allowing them the flexibility of wearing it down or putting it up in a ponytail or a French twist – giving one the confidence that they’ll love.

Although Angelo doesn’t like to step away from his clients at the salon as it is a hands-on-business, he has taken time out to appear on Inside Edition as well as Good Morning America and done the hair of celebrities on magazine covers that include Christy Brinkley, America Ferrera and Kelly Rutherford. “Hair extensions are the new accessory and women more than ever are talking about it,” Angelo states.  Angelo sees the day on the Red Carpet, when the interviewers will be asking the stars, ‘Whose hair are you wearing?’

For more information visit:
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