Dogs Earn Super-Hero Status for Their Work as Most Cuddly Creatures on Earth

While there were a few two-legged superheroes prancing the red carpet, the four-legged variety stole the show and hearts at this year’s style lounge. Vendors of fine jewelry, beauty, artisanal food, CBD oils and lotions, accessories, and even a toilet plunger designed like no other, could not compete with the furry angels instilled with the mythical power of love at first lick.

This year’s sponsored charity, the DoVe Project is a non-profit organization created to support the end of the dog-meat trade in Asia. DoVe works tirelessly to raise awareness of what we eat and how it’s raised, to support humane action on the ground, and to create sustainable solutions out of the dog-meat trade.

Dogs of Violence Exposed –DoVe – focuses on ending the dog meat trade where extreme cruelty and torture is common practice. Targeting changes from within, rescue efforts, education, and advocacy are the driving components.  Cultural knowledge and sensitivity, along with sustainable solutions and alternative to those who profit from this practice, are integral to ending this barbarity.


After admiring the available for adoption furry super-heroes, attendees could take their afternoon cocktail a wee bit early from Nectar of the Dogs Wine (that’s G-o-d spelled backward).   With a motto of “It’s not drinking alone if your dog is with you,” is reason enough to take advantage of a nip or two.

When your best friend can’t be with you personally, s/he can be in miniature form thanks to Pet-O-Rama.  Specializing in high-quality handmade figurine and status for people who love delicate and unique products. Committed to the highest ideal of craftsmanship, two of their talented team of sculptors and designers are recipients of the Red Dot Award in Germany.