New skincare brand PAUSE™ puts “anti-aging” on hold and “well-aging” at full throttle.

As the former CEO of Emo Laszlo and CFO at Laura Mercier and ReVive, Rochelle Weitzner knows a thing or two about the prestige beauty market and consumer.  That is until the day she experienced her first hot flash and mid-life revelation: Skincare brands were sweeping menopause and its effect on skin health under the rug.

“For all the noise we make about aging, it was as if the whole topic of menopause was forbidden.” Rochelle Weitzner

Weitzner speaks at the launch party in Beverly Hills.

Rather than a gladiator match with father time, Weitzner was inspired to created Pause™ Well-Aging as not merely a brand or highly efficacious products, but a community and dialogue build around the concept of aging-well and experiencing beauty across the life cycle.  Living voraciously and in the moment, yet unswerving in its commitment to well-being inside and out, mind, body, and soul.

“We want to view Pause™ not as an ending, but as a time to Pause, reflect, and look ahead,” asserts Weitzner.  To achieve that goal, Pause™ has launched with three product working in synergy to alleviate the symptoms of skin changes during and post-menopause and prime the skin to function at an optimal level.

Each topical skin product features a proprietary Pause complex – a clinically researched and formulated fusion of vitamins, antioxidants, and peptides that help ignite collagen production and minimize the perceptible signs of aging. In addition, all products adhere to Clean Standards and are free of all harmful ingredients, are vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and Leaping Bunny –certified.