Fusion Academy Teen Talk Show


 Jacqui Phillips, left, with guests of the Fusion Academy Teen Talk Show.

This month Millennium Magazine Host, Best Selling, Award Winning
Author and sought-after Celebrity Makeup Artist Jacqui Phillips is
launching two new series – Teen Talk Show (in conjunction with Fusion
Academy in Englewood, New Jersey) and Anonymous Truth Podcast on
Anchor. We caught up today with Jacqui when she was interviewing
Bravo TVs William McLarnon, the new star of Million Dollar Listing NY
and asked her about her new projects.

What is Teen Talk?

Teen Talk is a video series that I will be filming with Fusion Academy in
Englewood, NJ. I will be interviewing the students about various topics
that are relevant in a teen’s life such as bullying, dreaming big, breaking
up with friends, daring to be rare, not comparing yourself with others,
creating healthy habits and so on.

What is Anonymous Truth?

Anonymous Truth is a podcast that I will be hosting and producing on
Anchor podcast network where I will be interviewing teens on various
topics that they would not want to share on camera. This way we can
have the important conversations that will help whomever is listening
to heal and overcome any obstacles they may be facing. The really
unique thing about this show is I will be changing the voices of the
teens so that no one will know whom I am speaking with and their
confidentiality will be protected.

What can we expect to learn from these programs and where can we

My hope is that the student interviews will encourage others to aspire
to be their best selves. I want others to realize that we all struggle and
by sharing they will inspire other teens to be more caring because they
will realize they are not alone. My hope is that this will be a healing
movement in promoting kindness.

You can watch Teen Talk on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. You
can listen to Anonymous Truth on Anchor and all podcast platforms.
Follow Jacqui Phillips @jacquijphillips and Fusion Academy Englewood
www.fusionacademy.com to learn more.

Jacqui Phillips is an American best-selling, award winning author,
public speaker, host and celebrity makeup artist. Jacqui’s mission
in life is to inspire others to aspire to be their best selves.

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