By Inez Barberio


The Puerto Rican beauty shines on NBC’s ‘Telenovela!’

The stunning Jadyn Douglas shares with us about her television series alongside Eva Longoria.

Growing up in Nashville, Tennessee is not something you hear too often of a Puerto Rican girl watching telenovelas.  For Jadyn Douglas, it would be the start to a very exciting life. Playing the role of Roxie in the comedy ‘Telenovela’ with star Eva Longoria was not something Douglas ever dreamed of. Douglas began her journey to acting through her talent in singing.

“I grew up singing in church and always knew that being a light through entertainment was my calling,” said Douglas.

In fact, Douglas has had the opportunity to work with some major music artists throughout her career.

“I’ve been blessed to work with some great talents including Ne-Yo, Flo Rida, Katy Perry and Travis McCoy. While I’ve written songs in many different genres, I would classify my sound as Pop with R& B and Latin influences.”

Douglas is proud of growing up in Nashville and naturally is also a country music fan.

“I most certainly love country music! I like to incorporate the storytelling aspect into my own songwriting. I loved growing up in such a grounded, family friendly, musically driven city.”

As Douglas took a break from music after getting out of a management/label deal she took this opportunity to focus on acting. It was a new avenue in life that she was ready to explore. As with many artists, it was not an overnight success. After living in New York for four years, she headed back to Nashville where she actively continued to audition for roles. It was here where she received the call for ‘Telenovela.’

“At this point the auditioning process for me turned into me submitting self-tapes. I always wondered if anyone really saw them. I remember when the audition for ‘Telenovela’ came in. I had been told before that I didn’t look Latin enough, but I loved the script so much that I had to go for it. And I’m so glad I did! Within days of submitting my self-tape, I was on a plane to LA to test for the network.”

Douglas was quickly offered the role to be part of ‘Telenovela’ by Eva Longoria herself!  Upon returning to her hotel, Douglas received a phone call from Longoria. Hearing Longoria’s voice brought an onset of emotions in Douglas as she cried and found herself telling Longoria how she was going to make her proud. Longoria was very nurturing and supported Douglas from the beginning.

Recalling her conversation with Longoria, Douglas explains how Longoria compared herself as the new girl on Desperate Housewives. She offered Douglas her support and made Douglas’ transition into Hollywood go smoothly.

Watching ‘Telenovela’ one can see the strong chemistry among the actors.

“I am very blessed to walk into that. Everyone kept on telling me ‘no, this is not normally how it goes. It doesn’t normally go this smooth.’ So, I am very spoiled. We all genuinely love each other.”


‘Telenovela’ incorporates the Spanish soap operas of bright lighting, colorful costumes, heavy makeup, and dramatic storylines in a comedic twist. The comedy intertwines with the characters on the set with the character’s real lives. Douglas plays the character of Roxie who is not what all the eye beholds.

“My character Roxie is so fun to play!  She’s young, bubbly, sexy without meaning to be, and a bit naïve. You find out that she’s smarter than she seems and also more innocent than her sexy demeanor eludes.  I love playing a character with different layers.”

As Hollywood has been challenged on the diversity of its characters, Douglas is excited to be part of a fresh approach to television.

“There’s nothing like it on TV. It’s amazing to be on a network (NBC) who chooses to stand and acknowledge the beauty in diversity.”

Working in a profession where one faces many obstacles and is constantly critiqued for their appearance, Douglas remains focused and does not allow anyone to steer her away from her goals.

“Even though I’ve been working at this for years, this is really just the beginning. I’ve been told I didn’t look Latin enough, or maybe I looked too young for a role, etc., but the main thing I’ve learned is never give up. Imagine if I had listened and decided to skip the audition for ‘Telenovela,’ we wouldn’t even be having this interview! You have to believe in yourself, even when others don’t. Things may not always happen in our time, but perseverance pays off.”

Douglas’ faith has also helped guide her to where she is today.

“What God has for you, no one can take. The key is to never give up and find joy within the struggle along the way.”

It is definitely a positive when the star of the show connects with her cast so well.

“Working with Eva is truly amazing!  She’s focused, articulate and always ‘on it.’ Work aside, knowing Eva is such a blessing. As big of a star she is, she is the kindest, most genuine person you will ever meet. She inspires me so much. I am grateful to be able to call her my boss, co-worker, and most of all my friend.”

Speaking with Douglas, she exhumes a charm and grace that is difficult to ignore. As she has dealt with her fair share of jealousy, she has not allowed the negative energy of others to bring her down.

“We as women should support each other and understand there is room for everyone.  We’re so much stronger when we unite and support one another.”

Aside from the 5:00 A.M. morning start and long work days, Douglas is fortunate to work with a cast where work is exciting and fun!

“We laugh so much its crazy!  I don’t know how we even get any work done. Yes, it’s work and can be tiring, but working with amazing people makes the time fly. We’ve grown to feel like family.”

Aside from her soap opera life, Douglas finds time to take care of herself outside of work. She often exercises in the early morning hours to keep her beautiful physique.

“It’s not always easy, but I have to say you feel so accomplished afterwards. It’s so important to take care of yourself.”

When Douglas has an opportunity to relax, she enjoys shopping, experimenting with makeup contouring, “Contour is no joke,” she laughs, and hiking with her dog Stacks.

Throughout the summer and downtime from filming, Douglas dedicates herself to focus on her career and keep her momentum going. She looks forward to continue to write music and audition for more roles.

Clearly Douglas has proven her talent for comedy, however she looks forward to explore her abilities in more dramatic roles, or possibly as a tough female heroine.

“I’ve always loved comedy, so I’m really happy I get to explore that side with ‘Telenovela.’  I’d love to be a detective or even do a ‘Tomb Raider’ type role. That’s the beauty of acting, there are so many different character you can explore!”

Another place you may find Douglas is singing karaoke!

“I like to try to impersonate Cher singing ‘Believe’. So much fun!”

I believe we will be seeing a lot more of Jadyn Douglas in the future!

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Photographer: Nelson N. Castillo

Make Up: Anya Sinclair
Hair: Soleil Atiles
Her dress is by Escada’