By Louis R. Garbarini

Photography: Je Revele Fine Art Photography Studio & Gallery

Teresa Aprea’s and Nicole Napolitano’s first season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey was a great experience, especially having the show include both sisters and their families.

The twins got involved with Bravo TV through Nicole’s boyfriend Bobby who reached out to Bravo to get the girls on the show. It was an interesting and reflective opportunity for the girls to be able to open up their doors and share their lives with the Bravo viewers. There were some amazing and joyous moments and some moments that they would never want to relive.

In talking to the twins, they said, “We love the support and praise that we receive from our fans who reach out to us on social media on a daily basis. They’re the sunshine in our day that keeps us happy and uplift us when others don’t have the nicest things to say about us.”

The girls are excited about finishing their first season with RHONJ and even more so that at this point in time, despite what happened during the season, they both are on GREAT terms with each of the cast members.

Both sisters currently reside in Colts Neck, NJ but were both born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. As seen on TV, they’re identical twins and are each other’s best friend and together exude positive energy, love, and are always ready for a party. They’re inseparable and enjoy eating, shopping, working out and hanging out together every day.

Teresa lives with her husband, Rino, and their son, Giovanni, 18. Teresa first married her husband Rino back in 1991, later divorced, and after 11 years apart did it all over again — at a New Year’s Eve bash in 2010 they remarried in their home. In her free time she helps her husband run their award-winning restaurants. They own Angelo’s of Mulberry Street (a true landmark, family-owned for years, and even Presidents have dined there).

As of four years ago, they acquired Ponte Vecchio, in Bay Ridge, which they have renovated and designed with flare and phenomenal taste. It is the hottest restaurant and the place to be seen in Brooklyn, always filled with characters. Teresa’s flare for fashion and unending amount of style are only overshadowed by her abundant amount of great energy and charisma. Fashion, energy, and personality make her a magnetic force that cannot be stopped. She loves planning amazing soirées and dinner parties with lots of friends and interesting people. Teresa is a strong and positive woman, who is all about love and having a good time with family and friends.

Nicole is the mother of two teenage boys, Joey, 14, and Anthony, 16. Both boys take after her being extremely kind, driven and the life of the party. Like Teresa, fashion is her game and shines no matter what the circumstances. From sexy stiletto Louboutins to classic Chanel accessories, Nicole is fashion-forward and ahead of every trend. Even in her down time, or heading to the gym, she dresses to impress.

One of Nicole’s biggest joys is cooking dinner at home with her family, watching movies, eating popcorn with a fire burning and drinking hot cocoa. It’s not all glitz and glam with Nicole, though, as she is extremely bright, and ambitious. She ran a family restaurant at 20 years old, studied at St. John’s University, as well as at the American University of Rome. Even while at home raising her boys, she created and ran a home business focused on personal development and won a Rising Star Award. After getting divorced, Nicole started a brand new career in private aviation and works for a premiere jet charter brokerage handling high-profile clients helping them globe-trot around the world to exotic and exciting places. Nicole has a heart of gold, and a mind to challenge even the toughest intellectuals. She is kind and compassionate, but don’t dare mistake her kindness for weakness.

As far as the Giudice family goes, hearing about their sentencing was devastating and heart breaking for the girls. Their hearts go out to Teresa, Joe, and especially to the kids which they’re most concerned about.

Teresa said, “I am happy that Teresa Guidice and I are in a good place now and she knows that I am here for her if she needs anything. Sometimes the best thing to do is put the past in the past and move forward. You can’t change people. Some people apologize and move on and with some people you know that they never meant to intentionally hurt you, so you move on together. My husband and Joe Guidice get along great as well. We all have to support one and other and I am grateful that we are all in a good place.”

Currently the twins are working on a bunch of different products and future endeavors as a team. Teresa, Nicole, and Teresa’s husband Rino plan on writing an Italian family cookbook filled with their secret family recipes for their fans to whip up at home. For now, they are publishing some of their favorite recipes at with everything from creamy butternut squash pasta with a kick of heat to a tiramisu martini that will make your mouths water. The twins are also in the works of producing an upcoming new denim line.

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