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As The Next NFL Player to Watch Out for, Jarvis Landry Focuses on Playing His Best Football for the Miami Dolphins and Sharing His Other Hidden Talents!

The Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver on Football, Music, and Family

By Inez Barberio

Impressing football fans with his remarkable one-handed catches, and receiving top billing from the NFL network for the number one catch in 2015 during the Miami Dolphins game against the Indianapolis Colts, Jarvis Landry is just getting started.

Entering his third year in the NFL as a wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins, Landry is here to show everyone what comes from hard work and determination. At the young age of 23, Landry has a style and maturity that offers football fans both excitement and a breath of fresh air. Recognizing that to succeed, one must remain focused and not be afraid to work, Landry continues to push forward with his career in hopes of one day being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Landry first developed his love for football at the young age of nine. Lacing up his cleats and stepping out onto the football field always brought him a sense of excitement. Looking back when he was drafted into the NFL as a second round pick was a memory Landry would never forget.

Landry recalls, “How I felt in that moment is honestly indescribable. Getting drafted was all I was working towards and I was so relieved that all my hard work had finally paid off. My dream to play in the NFL had come true. All I could think about was, “when do we get started?”

Landry attributes the man he is today through the obstacles he overcame throughout his childhood. His mother worked long hours with two jobs, to make sure he had everything he needed. Landry looked at her strengths and drive and utilized these assets into his own life.

“Watching my mom work multiple jobs instilled hard work and determination in me. I learned that in order to get to where you want and what you want, you had to work hard. I appreciate everything my mom did for our family.”

Growing up in a humbling neighborhood added to his challenges, but that did not alter Landry’s desire from reaching his goals.

“I was just trying not to allow myself to get lost in the system. Not to get lost with my friends who where doing drugs and committing crimes. I focused on the task at hand. I had a very strong mental toughness during those years and it has allowed me to be the person I am today.”

Landry’s strong work ethic helped him achieve the new record for having the most receptions in his first two seasons than any other player in NFL history. He and his former Louisiana State University teammate, Odell Beckham Jr. of the New York Giants remain good friends. Both known for their one-handed catches and natural playing ability, Landry does not feel any competition with Beckham.

“We encourage each other on and off the field and if anything, we motivate each other to get better,” Landry explains.

When asked if Landry is a New York Giants fan, he pauses for a moment and replies, “I am an Odell Beckham Jr. fan!”

Earning the nickname Juice in college for the energy he brought to practice everyday, Landry does not take his life for granted. He looks to inspire kids to follow their dreams as he did and understand that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

Landry adds, “For the most part, all my hard work has turned into results. My production says it. For me it’s an honor, considering I play along professional players. I just stay focused on the task and work as hard as I can.”

Aside from football, Landry likes to express himself through fashion and music. He has designed his own custom suits and looks to eventually open his own clothing store with custom jeans and shirts.

“I just like to be different. I like to put pieces and colors together that turn people’s heads and start new fashion trends.”

Growing up in the South, Landry grew up with a love of country music. He decided to learn how to play the guitar and broaden his musical talents.

“I started seeing my teammates play (guitar). Being from Louisiana and raised around a music culture, I wanted to learn how to play myself. I’m currently taking piano lessons as well and I am starting to get really good!”

With his guitar playing skills, Landry has also written country songs. He has found that through writing music, this has given him a personal outlet with his feelings.

So will we hear Landry in concert anytime soon? “No, it’s just a hobby! But if any record labels out there are interested, let me know,” laughs Landry.

Understanding the difficulties that many youth today face, Landry gives back to communities including his own.

“I do a lot of community activities through the Miami Dolphins. I also do a Back-to-School giveaway for underprivileged kids back in my hometown of Lutcher, LA. I will be making an announcement for a scholarship program at Lutcher High School called ‘Building Winner Scholarship’ that will be announced at this year’s event.”

In addition, Landry and his family open their home on Christmas Eve to their community to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

“It’s always a big turnout. Hundreds of people come by and eat. My mom, she just wants people to come. She doesn’t care if they just come and get a plate to eat or stay the whole night. It’s an opportunity to spread the holiday cheer!”

With undeniable attention and fame, Landry has been able to stay away from many pitfalls that come with stardom.

“I stay grounded by remaining humble and understanding that everything that has happened in my life is a blessing and if I want to continue to get blessed, I have to continue to follow that path that I feel was aligned for my life. I can’t take anything for granted as nothing in our lives is promised. So I continue to work hard and be grateful for everything I have.”

Landry also keeps himself clear of temptations. “Obviously there are a lot of temptations, but I don’t allow that stuff to distract me. I surround myself with people that support me and make me a better person.” He adds, “Oh, and I stay home and play video games and order in from my favorite restaurants!”

Playing in the NFL has given Landry the opportunity to travel to new places during the last two years. One of his favorite places to play football is Chicago.

“I have been in Chicago since I have been in the league twice. I love it there! I love the city, I love everything about it! I love to shop and there are a lot of places to shop! Chicago is a little turned down New York, not as much traffic!”

When not playing football, Landry enjoys visiting the California sunshine and hospitality to relax. His favorite location however, is returning to his bed at home.

“We stay in so many hotels and travel, it is nice to come home and have my bed to lie in and get a good night’s rest after being on the road.”

Landry is a young man who sets great examples for future football players. He does not take this role lightheartedly.

“The advice I can give young men looking to play professional football is to play this game with your heart and passion and not because of the lime light that comes with it, because it won’t stay around forever. This game has a lot to offer and if you work hard, you can achieve a lot by being in the NFL. Stay humble and work hard.”

Be inspired by Landry and follow him at Twitter @God_Son80 and Instagram @JuiceUp14.

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