Our Favorite Brands and Products From Adit Live Los Angeles 2024

To our knowledge, three things are a certainty in life: Death, taxes, and the latest beauty products you see at your favorite retailer were first spotted at Adit Live. From Ulta to Erewhon, from Saks Fifth Avenue to Whole Foods, a buyer from any of a dozen brick-and-mortar and online retailers saw it here and knew you would want to buy it.

We never know what trends we are going to see or who will catch our eye, but every year they appear like crystals in fine sand. And this year was no different. We saw a lot to be excited about and couldn’t wait to share our favorite trends, brands, and products with the beauty-loving public.

Nature and Nurture

Natural beauty care has been a thing for some time, but this year we find brands from iconic destinations marrying the finest nature has to offer with scientifically advanced formulations.

Blue Lagoon Iceland

From the legendary spa, award-winning Blue Lagoon Iceland bottles its geothermal mineral waters into potent and sustainable gender-neutral formulas. Canadian import Skin Frequency products are a magical fusion of biodynamic and organic botanicals combined with the latest innovations in holistic efficacious molecules, plus high-quality essential oils and nothing else. Housed in chic glass vessels to shield from light exposure and plastic.

Poland’s Oio Labs makes use of powerful natural ingredients with advanced extraction methods and formulations developed by research scientists. They also get the award for most colorful packaging. Fable Rune is an affordable brand inspired by traditional rituals and sustainably sourced plant extracts.

Ancestral Wisdom

A salient trend we encountered is brands using indigenous ingredients loved by global women for generations. The beauty secrets of Persia are encapsulated in every bottle of plant-based and woman-owned Lulaav. The essence of pressed rose and geranium; potent fruit extracts of date, apricot, and plum, and precious oils of papaya and watermelon cocoon skin for a luminous glow.


N8iV Beauty is the first skincare brand created by a Native woman and the first to be infused with acorn oil sourced from tribal land. The Indigenous skincare products are developed from ancestral knowledge and the wisdom of native plants that date back thousands of years. Botanicary is a potent woman-founded brand steeped in wild-crafted and seasonal plants that pay homage to the tradition of female healers through the ages.

I Want To Break Free

Acne is a serious problem for many, especially teens and young adults. Blume was created by two sisters to not only combat troubled skin but to normalize puberty and educate young women around the globe and spread the community vibes.



Smood Beauty was created for problem skin without the irritants and over-drying common in acne care. Skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide protect while salicylic acid and plant extracts calm and soothe. Based in New Zealand, Evre was created just for teens with just the right ingredients to keep skin healthy and clear instead of greasy and clogged.

Problem Solved

One of the most rapidly growing trends is products made specifically to solve whatever beauty problem or concern ails you. Frens of Frens is a unique treatment moisturizer, especially for post-aesthetic treatments. Formulated with  Arnica, Bromelain, Hypochlorous Acid, and Aloe and combined with a cooling metal applicator may help reduce the appearance of redness to soothe stressed skin, de-puff, shorten downtime in between office visits, and extend your investments.

The Elani Brow Elixir is a professional universal concentrate, specially developed for eyebrow care for post-chemically treated brows and as a home care product that nourishes eyebrow hairs and supports overall brow health Sugar Lash Society Pro-Plump Lash Enhancer gives the extra boost of a leave-in eyelash conditioner to your lashes and brows. Made with a blend of proteins to increase hair and lash density and Safflower Oleosomes to deliver moisture.

Laki Naturals has a topical patch for just about everything from hangovers to fear-of-flying jitters. A little patch does make it all better. And teens aren’t the only ones getting special stuff. Prime Prometics is all about grown-up girls. Made especially with mature ladies in mind, all products not only beautify but nourish and protect skin from free radical damage.

Call The Doctor

Making an appearance were a handful of highly-regarded medical-grade brands. Doctor-founded and non-toxic Osmosis unveiled a new look for its industry-disruptive and game-changing products.

Germany’s premium clinical brand QMS Medicosmetics advised us of new summer releases and why they are on the cutting edge of skin science. Omni Bioceuticals showcased their exclusive M-007 patented technology and explained their proprietary pro-youth proteins and actives while remaining a clean and green brand.

Good Hair Days

We spotted more hair care than in years past. We are getting the hint that skin looks better framed by bountiful and bouncy hair. That is what Burgeon Botanicals is all about. From hair loss, thinning, breakage, aging, and graying, our exceptional multi-tasking formulas and products offer long-term solutions that transform hair health, along with overall well-being. The beautifully packaged Voir Haircare is crafted in Canada with mindful ingredients that deliver a spa-like experience at home.

Go deep into the Brazilian rainforest with Amazon Advanced. In search of the best natural ingredients for each type of hair, Amazon Advanced has sourced five of the most powerful oil extracts available which are processed and turned into five lines formulated to transform hair and scap. Rizos Curls is a Latina-founded brand, especially for curly and textured hair. Overtone is a next-generation, one-step hair color solution that allows you to experiment with the vivid hair colors of your dreams with no commitment or damage.

Kiss And Makeup

Lots of great makeup on display, especially for lips. French-Canadian Wonderblush emphasizes the power of wearable and universally flattering shades. Crafted with clean, cruelty-free, vegan ingredients that are thoughtfully formulated and produced in Montreal. Infused with Colombian chili, and cinnamon, Manifest Beauty Big Pout Energy plumps up lips naturally for a big pout look. Get ready to hypnotize with Lava Lust Lip Stain by af94. It’s a ’90s-inspired throwback that is deeply conditioned starting with a shimmer and sets as the ideal matte lip stain.

Manifest Lip

Australia seems to be the epicenter of self-tanning products. Vanit-T is an award-winning, luxury brand that offers cruelty-free and vegan* professional spray tan solutions, self-tan, makeup, wellness, and haircare products.

Body And Home In Harmony

The world is getting the message that the home environment plays an essential role in wellness. As does enhanced personal wellness. Make your home an aromatic sanctuary with Caftari. Their science-backed intentional formulas are crafted carefully to support stress relief, joyfulness, and energy. Develop a deeper connection with yourself with crafted candles intended to lift your spirit and calm your soul. Mala, on the other hand, crafts natural and non-toxic candles that evoke comfort and fond memories. Scents like Milk & Sugar and Sundays envelop your space in a cushion of cozy comfort.



Nothing feels more luxurious than a French laundry. You don’t need to find one in your neighborhood, you just need Maison France Luxe for the best in natural French cleaning supplies, detergent, soap, and hair care. After cleaning and laundry, you will need a relaxing bath with Detox Babe. The organic bath salts are created with natural, organic, and food-grade ingredients, pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salts, cold-pressed oils, and steam-distilled therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Gold teeth are not exactly fashionable, but brushing and rinsing with 24k gold by Aurezzi is the new gold standard item in dental care. The Swiss brand will make its US debut very soon, so stay tuned.

No, we did not forget the nether regions. Sexual health and awareness are on the rise in personal wellness spaces. Hygiene Hero is a safe and effective personal wellness brand for women. Their hero product VipStick Serum calms, soothes, moisturizes, plus gives the warm tingles when the time is right. Created by a sexologist and MIT engineer,  Dame is committed to changing the way sexual wellness and pleasure are understood and experienced in the world.

We Love K-Beauty

The K-Beauty trailblazers are always a welcome site. Simply This is one of Korea’s first and only certified Net Zero Carbon skincare brands. The ecological formulas are inspired by nature and proven efficacy. AditLive veterans Lapcos gained a wide following with their premium sheet mask and proved they were serious about skin with their Red Vegan Collagen line. Here, they showcased their new Rollagen collection which features 3x the collagen and sanitary application. Also on hand was Amazon’s bestselling K-Beauty brand I’m From – a surprisingly budget-friendly brand based on traditional Korean remedies.