Jose Cuervo Shows Commitment to Making Tequila Consumption More Sustainable with First-Ever Bar Made from Agave

September 9, 2021: Agave is the heart of tequila–the spirit wouldn’t exist without it. As the world’s #1 tequila brand with the largest acreage of agave fields in Mexico, Jose Cuervo is committed to identifying new and creative ways to reuse, repurpose and recycle agave byproducts and show tequila lovers the versatility of the agave plant.

Today, Jose Cuervo announced its latest agave innovation: the first-ever bar that tequila made–literally. Introducing: the Jose Cuervo Agave Bar–a limited-time experience that will showcase all the unique and creative ways agave byproducts are repurposed, from the bar and chairs, to sustainably upgraded cocktails, straws, and more. The experience is inspired by the iconic AKAMBA Festival, a music festival that takes place each year on the slopes of a volcano in Tequila, Mexico, and whose mission is to treat the world more sustainably through art, music, spirits, and cuisine. The bar that tequila made will debut in Los Angeles, CA in September, and will travel across the country in the months ahead.

Visitors to The Jose Cuervo Agave Bar can expect a variety of exciting activities that will enrich their understanding of the importance of agave and how drinking more sustainably benefits Jose Cuervo and tequila lovers alike, including: 

  • Free swag made using agave byproduct. From glassware and straws to clothing and accessories, attendees can snag their own little piece of The Jose Cuervo Agave Bar to take home and champion sustainable drinking. 
  • Agave temporary tattoo station: The Bar That Tequila Made will leave its mark on guests–literally! Made using agave ink and designed by local tattoo artists, these temporary tattoos are sure to leave their mark on guests. 
  • Sustainably upgraded cocktails: What’s a bar without tequila? Guests will sample cocktails that feature a sustainable upgrade, all made from Jose Cuervo Tradicional expressions (Plata, Reposado and Añejo). Guests will also learn more about how the spirit comes to life and fits into the agave reproduction cycle. 
  • Live music inspired by AKAMBA: Guests will enjoy live sets from DJ Quantic that will transport them directly to the AKAMBA festival in the agave fields of Tequila. 

If you can’t make it to The Jose Cuervo Agave Bar, there are still ways to experience the Bar That Tequila Made from the comfort of their own home. Jose Cuervo is giving away 1,000 At-Home Agave Bar Kit that include cups, coasters, straws, and a muddler–all made from agave! Those interested can visit for a chance to win.