How to Wear Jeans in the Summer Heat

As one of the most versatile pieces of any man’s wardrobe, jeans are usually a year-round wardrobe staple, but there are times when that can be tested. As summer temperatures soar, most people are looking for ways to stay cool but that doesn’t have to mean giving up on your jeans – you just need to know how to wear them to avoid overheating.

Less is more

The simplest solutions can be the best and denim shorts are among the most practical and stylish ways to wear jeans throughout the heat of summer. Whether you cut down your favorite pair to give them a new lease of life or find some that suit your style, denim shorts are a versatile choice that goes with pretty much everything.

However, not everyone wants to bear their lower legs and sometimes you want a look that can take you from day into night without overheating or getting cold. Choosing full-length jeans with strategic rips can help keep you cool during the hottest part of the day and be warm enough to wear during a balmy evening out or even a night on the tiles.


Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

Keeping cool company

One of the most appealing things about wearing jeans is their flexibility to be worn with almost everything, and this can really be a bonus when it comes to dressing them to suit the season. In winter, they go perfectly with chunky sweaters and thick coats, but in the summer you can wear them with your lightest and most breathable shirts to help you stay cool. 

Traditionally, cotton and linen are considered among the most comfortable fabrics to wear when the weather is hot, but the recent trend for eco-friendly bamboo clothing is also helping. The fabric is lightweight, breathable, and exquisitely soft, so bamboo is a good choice for wearing with your favorite jeans. 

Steer clear of anything that contains synthetic fabrics, especially jeans with a little stretch in them. Not only are they likely to cling to your skin and prevent heat from escaping, but they can also make you sweat more and then stop the sweat from evaporating, making you feel sticky and uncomfortable. 

Your footwear can also help you to stay cool so choose something that won’t increase your temperature levels. Steer clear of boots or even sneakers if and opt for open-toed sandals, flip flops, or sliders as they can all help you to keep cool from the feet up.  

Choose wisely

While traditionally, jeans were made from stout fabric in order to be hard-wearing work clothes, the variety of denims available now means that you can choose one to suit your needs. Lighter, thinner fabrics will keep you cooler in the summer, so choose a pair in a fabric that will help you to keep your cool all summer long.

It’s also worth checking the labels when buying a pair of jeans as the fabric composition can really change the way they feel on. A cotton-rich fabric will wick sweat away from your skin to more breathable, whereas synthetic fabrics can make you feel hot and sweaty 

The style of jeans you choose can also make a big difference to how a pair of jeans feel as the temperatures rise. A pair of skinny jeans don’t leave much room for airflow and could contribute to you getting hot and bothered, whereas looser jeans with wider legs and a more generous fit will help you avoid overheating. 

If you are a die-hard jeans wearer and don’t want to compromise in the summer months, then you just need a little imagination to help you find ways to keep your cool without having to change your style. Whether you want a look that can go from day into night or just an outfit to keep you looking and feeling cool when you’re out and about, you can have it all with a pair of jeans and some summery accessories.