Exploring Greece On A Catamaran Charter


In the past few decades, the amount of people going on holiday to the UK and abroad has soared. There are plenty of holiday destinations to choose from especially in the summer season. One destination that remains to be one of the top places to visit over the holiday seasons is Greece. In fact, people are moving away from the traditional type of holiday in Greece and instead are choosing to sail around Greece. 

As people are booking sailing holidays to Greece, they are now seeing the benefits of sailing from island to island on a Catamaran above any other type of boat. Unlike traditional sailboats with only one hull, a catamaran is balanced on two hulls. This means it is much easier to sail and more stable than a typical sailboat. There is also plenty of room on the Catamaran which allows for guests on the boat to have some alone time. Depending on your budget, you can also get a more luxurious catamaran that has even more room. There is also communal spaces for when the guests on the boat want to get together. Choosing a Catamaran is your accommodation, your transportation, and even a bit of a guided tour and excursion when you consider the swim stops involved. If you want variety when you are on holiday, sailing is certainly the holiday for you. Catamarans are typically much faster than other types of boat like Monohull which means that you won’t waste much time travelling from location to location. This is perfect for those who don’t particularly like the journey. Many Catamarans also have on board entertainment also like water toys and places on the boat where you can sit and relax whilst eating or reading a book. 

Depending on the level of sailing experience that you have, there is the option to either hire and on-board crew or a bareboat. For those who are sailing novices, they can take advantage of the expertise of a captain who can tell them all of the best places to visit. Chartering a catamaran also gives you the opportunity to have a high level of independence as you can have the space and freedom to sail it yourself. With technology advancing at a rapid rate also it is easier than ever to book a sailing holiday from Borrow A Boat on your mobile device. This cuts out the hassle of having to source out information from a travel agency. It also means that you can book several months in advance without worrying about your accommodation. 


Although there are plenty of sailing locations that you could consider, Greece is a sailing destination that no one should miss. With more than 2,000 islands, 170 of which are inhabited, there’s no better way to explore Greece than by boat. Greece is well renowned all over the world for its warm Mediterranean climate, friendly people and rich cuisine that truly gives you the ultimate European experience. It also has a fantastic array of beaches and clear waters which provide the opportunity to take part in water sports. If you are chartering a Catamaran, it permits you to discover and explore islets, coves and sea coves. The weather conditions in Greece also mean that it won’t be too windy so you should find yourself more confident. It is also the perfect way to beat tourists and large throngs of people who occupy popular places on specific islands. In this sense, it truly is a unique experience with many benefits. 

If you have been to Greece several times before, it may be worth trying something new. You could visit Sicily/Italy or go to the Aeolian Islands in the North (with live erupting volcanoes), an east coast of variety, history and breathtaking views, and a south region showcasing rural, authentic, traditional Italy. Many of the islands in Greece are within 2-5 nautical miles of a different island, which means that the sailing time is never too much and gives guests plenty of time to explore each island and take part in activities. 

Chartering a Catamaran in Greece is also a nonrestrictive type of holiday which caters to all types of guests. For example, for those who want to explore the history of Greece, there are plenty of guided tours to book and historic sites to visit. For those who want to experience the nightlife in Greece, there are also plenty of cocktail bars and nightclubs which have late opening hours. With this type of holiday, guests will also not have to walk a long way back to their accommodation or spend a lot of money getting transport as their boat will be close by.

Ultimately, choosing to sail with on a holiday grants a better holiday experience for everyone. For example, sailing a Catamaran through Greece is the perfect way to tick several things off of your bucket list at once whilst satisfying each guest. Although sail-tourism has existed since the 1960’s, chartering boats in Greece is now more popular than ever. This is largely because charter companies have now gone the extra mile to ensure that those who use their services get the best sailing experience possible. In the future, we should witness more and more holiday makers deviate from booking traditional all-inclusive holidays and instead opt for a high level of freedom during their holiday by choosing to sail through countries like Greece.