Changing Your Health in 12 Months

Time, Calendar, Saturday, Weekend, Day, Days, DateTime is of the essence. Is it possible to make massive changes to your life in the space of a year? In one respect, a year flies by, but you can use 12 months to make one simple change every month, and before you know it, you’ve made a massive amount of changes in the space of a year. Let’s show you how you can change your health in the space of 12 months.

January: Get Your Health Checked

Undergoing the essential health checks gives you a baseline for what really needs addressing. If there are issues with your blood pressure, you can start to incorporate more relaxation into your life. Or if there are issues in so many other aspects of your health, you can use this as the perfect opportunity to make changes to your lifestyle.

February: Fix Little Aesthetic Issues

Whether you have problems with your skin or you are looking to fix teeth crowding, it gives you that sense of motivation to look in the mirror and smile at yourself again.  And if you want to enhance your smile, visit the oral surgeon in chattanooga tn.

March: Develop Positivity

A positive frame of mind always helps. Rather than focusing on the things you don’t like, learn how to incorporate something like gratitude into your life. Positivity is great for improving your mood and reducing stress.

April: Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Diet is the cornerstone of optimum health. You might like sweet treats on occasion but use April as the opportunity to make them weekend treats. You will notice how much better you feel during the week.

May: Incorporate Mild Exercise

By having more energy from reducing your sugar intake, you can start to build up your strength. Be sure to do it slowly. Buying something like resistance bands can help you to improve your strength but be sure to listen to your body.

June: Take the Right Supplements

Now the sun is coming out, you may know how much vitamin D you need in your life. Taking the right supplements that make you feel more nimble and mobile, whether this is collagen or omega-3, it will help you feel the benefits. You have more energy during the summer months so give yourself a bit more.

July: Take Cold Showers

The perfect opportunity while the sun is at its highest in the sky to give yourself cold showers. They have an abundance of benefits for your skin, hair, and body. But they will also help you to develop mental resilience.

August: Learn to Breathe

When you feel stuffy due to the pollen count, learning to breathe better using breathing exercises can help you to intake more oxygen and expel the bad components from your body. Taking 5 minutes every day to do deep breathing can help you feel more relaxed so you can go about your day.

September: Sleep Better

The nights start to draw in, which gives you the perfect opportunity to go to bed a little bit earlier. Taking the opportunities to fix your sleep by getting rid of devices from your bedroom and incorporating a bedtime routine will help you to even out significant sleep problems. By now, you may feel that you are sleeping a lot better because of your diet, and even the cold showers have lowered your body temperature a little bit more so you relax better.

October: Practice Intermittent Fasting

An ideal habit to get into in the run-up to Christmas. Intermittent fasting isn’t just a great way to save you some money, but there is an abundance of benefits of incorporating intermittent fasting into your life. You can do it by a variety of protocols, whether this is the 5:2 diet, the 16:8 protocol, or the OMAD approach, it gives you the opportunity to stop focusing on food. If you are someone who relies on a lot of food and can’t help that snack on sugary substances come the weekend without being able to stop, intermittent fasting can help you to gain control over your hunger and satiety hormones ghrelin and leptin.

November: Focus on Experiences Rather Than Material Goods

In November, Christmas is looming. Rather than frantically scrambling for presents, think about cutting back on material goods. Think about what you would really want for Christmas in terms of experiences. We can begin to live a more minimalist lifestyle which brings everything back to its bare basics. When we start to focus on experiences as gifts rather than items, it makes us appreciate what we have in our lives, but also, if these material goods bring us true mental happiness.

December: Hug Your Loved Ones a Little More

The amazing benefits of hugging and cuddling our loved ones gives us an up-regulation in oxytocin, the love hormone. Using the season of goodwill to tell your loved ones that you care or give them a squeeze will make everybody feel so much happier. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to focus on family and now when stress is at the forefront of people’s minds during the holiday season, the little habits you’ve incorporated over the year now give you the opportunity to not sweat the small stuff and focus on your health, but also feel more even-keeled.

With each new habit, you’ve got a whole calendar month to practice it. Even if you don’t start in January, you can jump on at any time. Changing your overall health in the space of 12 months is about the cumulative approach. You spend one month focusing on incorporating one habit into your life, and when the next month rolls around, you’ve got one habit under your belt that you can continue to practice. A habit can take at least a month to settle in and it’s important to remember that there will be times when we fall off the wagon. We shouldn’t beat ourselves up about it. If anything happens, just get back on the horse. Changing your health by incorporating habits over the space of 12 months is a big task, but you will feel the benefits for much longer, in fact, for the rest of your life.