Finding Fun In An Exercise Routine

Exercise can be something we dread doing ahead of time, feel like hell when we’re in the middle of a routine, and then feel great about once we’ve stepped out of the gym and got on with our days. 

But it’s those two beginning states that put us off of working out on a regular basis – they’re no fun, and we just can’t incentivise ourselves to get on with them. After all, weight drops off gradually, there are many other ways to manage pain and stress, and we have so many more things to do. 

Which is why you might need to make your exercise routine a bit more fun. Because exercise comes in multiple forms, and there’s something out there for everyone. 

Get Out and See the Sights

And by this, we mean it’s time to go running, jogging, walking, or hiking, if you’re an outdoorsy person who loves to breathe in nature and see all the sights it has to offer. Each one of these activities is very beneficial exercise, so don’t write them off immediately! 

You don’t have to enclose yourself in a gym for an hour every single day – you can have the freedom of the outside world at your fingertips, and hit the dirt three or four times a week to really soak it in. It’s good both for you and the world around you! 

Put Your Dancing Shoes On

Dancing is another very beneficial activity, but it’s a lot more social, and a lot more fast paced, than any other activity on this list. Because when you’re dancing, you’re moving as a unit with other people, especially if you go to a Zumba class on a daily basis. 

But you don’t have to attend one big class here either; you can dance at home in your living room, or simply attend a small or one on one class. Plus, when you have a Tango Partner to whirl around with, you’ll become an experienced dancer in no time at all. 

Think About the Sports Kids Love

Kids have lots of fun during their after school clubs, and when they go down the park for a kick about with their friends, so take a leaf out of their book! Think about the sports you loved to do as a kid, and maybe even the sports you weren’t allowed to do, and take them up as an adult. 

Maybe you loved to go swimming, or maybe you always wanted to join a tennis club – they’re both great ways to stay fit, and they ensure you have a lot of fun and meet new people while you’re doing so. Not to mention the skills you’ll gain here, that could mean you participating in a few tournaments down the line; that’s a great goal to aim for! 

Finding fun in an exercise routine doesn’t have to be hard, and you don’t have to be an adult about your exercising preferences. Have some fun when exercising!