How To Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back

Having a baby is a joyful experience and one that we should celebrate. But it can take its toll on your body. For that reason, many women look for ways to rediscover their pre-baby body. It’s not that they’re trying to eradicate all traces of the effects of having a baby. And it’s not that they’re ashamed of their motherhood. They’re not even reacting to alleged cultural expectations of how they should look. Instead, they just like the idea and want to pursue it. There’s no pressure if they fail. It’s just a project, like any other. Beauty is something they enjoy for its own sake.

Getting your pre-baby body back requires taking several steps. Loose skin, weight gain, and stretch marks are all part of the process. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t reverse these things if you want to.

Here’s what to do:

Use Lotions Throughout Your Pregnancy

You never quite know where stretch marks are going to show up. They can form around the stomach, breast area, and even hips in some cases. There’s not much you can do about the increase in the outward pressure on your skin, but you can help it adapt and maintain its natural flexibility. Where possible, try adding lotions to the areas most likely to experience stretch marks. Do this daily, even if you’ve already been through pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Eat Foods That Support Skin Health

Pregnancy changes your body profoundly because of how the body alters the production of hormones. Powerful chemical signals tell your tissues to behave differently – and they respond, making you expand in all kinds of directions.

Once you go through this process, however, your body’s hormones return to normal. And that’s your chance to get it back on an even kilter.

Try to eat plenty of health-promoting foods like sweet potatoes, pomegranates, and green tea. As always, do whatever you can to avoid the junk.

Take Gentle Exercises

Pregnancy affects all kinds of tissues, but particularly muscles in the abdomen. Some women can experience weakness in their core after giving birth, which is why medical professionals highly recommend doing core exercises. Take it gently at first. Then build up to more rigorous activities, such as dancing or yoga.

Avoid Just Staring At Yourself In The Mirror

For many people, how they look is extremely important. They want to see themselves in the mirror and view an attractive person looking back at them. Unfortunately, you don’t always get that feeling after giving birth.

A lot of women choose cosmetic breast surgery and other interventions such as tummy tucks. Where possible, try to avoid looking in the mirror or judging yourself. Giving birth is a heroic act that is bound to take its toll on your body. But it’s nice to know that these alterations don’t have to be permanent.

Avoid Weighing Yourself

Finally, try to avoid the urge to weigh yourself. Your weight will naturally fluctuate in the aftermath of birth and it isn’t something you should try to control immediately. Keep your lifestyle healthy, and your body will change accordingly.