Cohabs Comes to America

The Belgium Co-living Company’s 1st US House Opens in Brooklyn Next Month


Belgium based co-living company, Cohabs, is currently looking for a handful of people with a sense of adventure to be the first trailblazing renters of their flagship US Cohabs residence, which will open in Crown Heights, Brooklyn next month.

Cohabs co-founder Youri Dauber says he believes, “co-living is essential during a pandemic.”  He explains how the Cohabs community in Brussels, which has 488 co-living bedrooms occupied, successfully made it through the pandemic together.

The first residence in Brooklyn will be divided into two units with 7 bedrooms in each, which also have their own communal kitchen, living room, gym, lounge, storage space, laundry and a rooftop. 

Concept: Cohabs is an extraordinary shared living experience with 33 meticulously crafted houses and 550 rooms overseas in Belgium. The growing global brand, which exemplifies the future of urban living, is coming to New York City with three beautiful and fully furnished houses opening in the next year. The first US Cohabs residence will open in Crown Heights, Brooklyn on November 1st. Cohabs will then open additional houses in Harlem near Columbia University and in East Williamsburgh in early 2021. Rent begins at $1160 and leases range from three months, to six months, to one year. This first 6,000 square foot, 14-unit community driven space will play host to monthly events, intimate breakfasts and dinners for tenants with the goal of cultivating a strong and dynamic community between cohabitants, while safety is top of mind. Cohabs’ mission is to create a global community through an extraordinary shared living experience and in addition to a life changing mobile app. The demographic of Cohabs overseas is 21-35 year old, single expats and locals alike, who are willing to experiment with co-living and who share similar values, whether it’s growing their food organically, or composting waste.

Room Options: Cohabs allows their residents to choose what level of coziness they’re looking for in a bedroom space with options ranging from ‘cozy,’ which begins at $1160 per month, to ‘spacious’, which is larger in size, starting at $1400 per month.

Design: Lionel Jadot is a partner and Chief Design Officer for Cohabs. Cohabs’ design aesthetic is based on recycling and up-cycling. Jadot avoids buying new furniture from traditional retailers, instead favoring second-hand flea market finds perfect for up-cycling. He thinks about the theme of the house while being in it, making Cohabs as unique in its architecture as it is inclusive with its residents.  The goal is to solely create small units to build a strong sense of community. Sustainability is top of mind with every Cohabs house, which are built with solar panels and energy monitoring tools in place.  The first US Cohabs residence will feature a private rooftop, gym, laundry room and storage space in addition to two communal kitchens, two living rooms and two lounges.

Co-Founders: Youri Dauber, Malik Dauber and François Samyn are the co-founders of Cohabs. These successful young entrepreneurs previously launched two startups together, which both sold to large companies. In 2012 the Dauber brothers and Samyn launched Soccha, which offered responsible outsourcing services in Madagascar. They quickly grew Soccha to a 100+ person business and sold it to one of the biggest data and press monitoring companies in the Benelux in 2014. Their most recent startup was Drawbotics, which offered marketing tools and virtual home staging for real estate professionals. Cohabs was started in 2016 to revolutionize shared accommodations. The founders’ mission for Cohabs is to build a better tomorrow by improving the way we live today. By owning, building, renovating and operating their co-living spaces, they ensure that each Cohabs house is purposefully designed from the ground up to create memorable moments in life, while limiting any negative environmental impact to their surroundings. The company has raised $18.7 million dollars to date and are finalizing a new round of funding of $60 million dollars. The founders still own 75% of the company and one of the investors is AG Real Estate, which owns two towers in Manhattan at 70 Pine Street and 20 Exchange Place.

COVID-19 Safety Measures: State-of-the-art safety and sanitation protocols are being implemented at Cohabs to ensure a worry-free experience.  All staff members will be masked and daily temperature checks for employees will take place.  Proper air filtration systems are currently in place. The move-in process has been adapted with reinforced sanitary and safety measures. Every Cohabs member will receive a washable face mask to use in communal spaces. And Cohabs goes the extra mile by providing a doctor’s hotline for added support and peace of mind.

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Floor Plans for Cohabs Crown Heights can be found here.

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