Talk Tiki to Me

Rebecca Monday, the general manager and beverage program mastermind at the rooftop bar and restaurant VASO and an owner of a pop-up tiki business, might very well be rum’s biggest fan. She never misses an opportunity to showcase one of these cocktails on each season’s menu (and even made a Tiki of the Week bottled cocktail to-go during the pandemic) and this season is no different. At VASO, a sexy rooftop bar just outside of Columbus, always having a tiki style drink on the menu that is flared out with garnishes and prepared in extravagant glasses makes it quite easy to sell her favorite spirit, especially in the summertime, when their rum cocktail is the most popular selling cocktail on the menu.

Check out the current menu here – chock full of tantalizing tiki tipples, featuring exotic fruit and fresh produce. The inspiration? To transport VASO’s guests (eager but not yet ready to travel) to a beach somewhere via vacation in a glass. The rooftop bar’s seasonal sips include the ‘Out of Office’ made with coconut sunkissed Grey Goose Vodka and wrapped in a banana leaf, the ‘Paradiso’ served in a recycled Coco Lopez can, and plenty of frozen libations for chilling out during a sometimes muggy Midwest summer.With a continued pent up demand for travel along with warmer weather, drinks featuring vacation vibes and tropical flavors to transport us elsewhere are a welcome way to get away without the hassle of having to go far.

Check out some tiki cocktail recipes easy to make at home, courtesy of VASO, here:


  • 2oz Bacardi 8

  • 1 oz Coconut cream

  • .75oz Pineapple Juice

  • .5oz Lime Juice

  • .5oz Lychee Honey or flavored honey of your choice

Shake all ingredients. Strain on crushed ice and add tiki flair like orchids and fresh mint. If you are a bitters fan adding a mini under-berg bottle as a floater makes for a great presentation and additional flavors over the course of the drink.

Mover & Shaker

  • 1oz aged rum

  • 1oz light rum

  • .5oz St.Germain

  • .75oz Ruby Port

  • .75oz lemon juice

  • 3-4 fresh strawberries cut and muddled

Swizzle all ingredients over ice or lightly shake and pour over crushed ice.

Tiki Traditions

  • 2oz Plantation Pineapple Rum

  • .75 oz Orgeat Almond

  • .75oz Lime

  • .5oz Orange Liqueur

  • 3-4 Fresh mint leaves

Add all ingredients into shaking tin, shake and strain into your favorite tiki mug. Add fresh mint, pineapple leaves, dehydrated fruit or an umbrella.


  • 1 oz Mango rum

  • 1 oz light rum

  • .5oz orgeat

  • .5oz lime

  • .5oz Apricot liqueur

  • 3-4 dash tiki bitter

 Shake and strain over crushed ice into glass. Garnish with orchid and mint.

Cane & Coco

  •  2 oz light rum

  •  1 oz coco Lopez

  • .75oz Pineapple Juice

  • .75oz lime

  • 1 scoop of frozen vanilla ice cream for a silky texture and additional sweetness

  •  .5oz coconut milk

Add ice and ingredients to blender or hand blend until whipped. Serve frozen.