LA’s Premier Gourmet Food Delivery Service, Kooshi Gourmet, Expands Service to San Francisco and San Diego

There is no shortage of meal delivery services these days, especially in metropolitan cities like Los Angeles. What is missing, however, is a service that does not feel generic and mass-produced, and one that is truly customizable. Since its inception eight years ago, Kooshi Gourmet has prided itself on making high-quality food that is delivered fresh and is completely customizable to each client. That should come as no surprise for those familiar with its founder, Albert Melera, a former chef at multiple Michelin-starred restaurants and a private chef to Hollywood’s most A-List celebrities. In 2023, Kooshi Gourmet is excited to announce its planned expansion into two more major cities in California, San Francisco, and San Diego.

Kooshi Gourmet was created out of a deep love for food, and they believe eating healthy should never be a hassle. All meals are all-natural, hormone-free, locally sourced, and hand-prepared in their 100% gluten-free kitchen. They source ingredients, prepare, package, and deliver meals all within 24 hours, offering clients the customized experience of bringing a personal chef to your doorstep. On top of all this, they are also mindful of the carbon footprint they leave behind, which is why Kooshi is 100% plastic neutral. They have worked to reduce and eliminate any unnecessary plastic in their business, and are also partners with rePurpose, a global movement of conscious consumers and businesses going plastic neutral, to calculate plastic usage, and, with their help, fund the ethical recovery and processing of the same amount of plastic. Kooshi has been around for 8 years and they continue to strive to be the pioneers of this space as they grow to sustainably source their ingredients so you can see the transformative effects firsthand. Kooshi Gourmet founder Albert Melera says of starting Kooshi Gourmet,

My fondest memories growing up were around a dinner table. Bringing people together through the dinner table and food is not only glorious to me, but I’ve found nothing that brings people together like food. Being a personal chef became the biggest precursor to starting Kooshi. I wanted to curate a process of what I do as a personal chef for a larger group. Kooshi Gourmet offers the highest quality product, deliverable as freshly as possible, and is fully customizable, not just in terms of dietary protocols, but ingredients too.”

As Kooshi Gourmet has continued to grow in popularity in Los Angeles and among a who’s who in Hollywood, Chef Albert Melera has been planning how to expand this exclusive service to more markets while still maintaining the integrity of the ingredients and their sustainability efforts. Kooshi Gourmet has specialized software which allows them to create fully customizable meal plans, something entertainment industry heavy-hitters such as Jennifer Aniston, Robert Downey Junior, Bill Gates, Arianna Huffington, and David Geffen have all appreciated about this service. After perfecting the elements of this level of quality and customization, Melera is ready to bring his services to more markets.

Kooshi Gourmet has recently announced their growth plans for 2023, which includes expanding into San Francisco and San Diego, as well as offering corporate meal plans and even children’s menu options. Ultimately, the goal is to show that healthy eating doesn’t have to be a hassle and that the experience of having a personal chef doesn’t have to feel so far out of reach. No matter what your diet, allergies, medical conditions or food preferences are, Kooshi Gourmet can customize a menu and meal plan for every need and desire. For more information, visit