WellBody: Combines Heat and Percussive Massage Therapy

WellBody® Combines Heat and Percussive Massage Therapy for Faster, Better Recovery.

Looking to make recovery fast and complete from body ache and pain? Then you may want to consider The WellBody® HeatBall.

WellBody combines percussive massage therapy with heat therapy to promote faster recovery.

The WellBody® HeatBall is a rechargeable heated attachment that enhances blood flow and improves recovery time. Utilize the HeatBall attachment prior to deeper muscle activation to unlock greater recovery speeds.

Millennium Magazine experienced the WellBody WingSpan. The massage device can reach where massage guns can’t. That mean’s you can massage your lower  and upper back areas with ease.

The rapid pounding can be quite intense on sensitive areas of the body. If you like a deep tissue massage, this is a great device, but pounding can be felt down to the bone and for some it may be a bit much.





WellBody’s mission is to provide advanced muscle therapy technology for all people.

  • Reaches where other massage guns can’t
  • Unique extended handle allows you to better reach the locations that are difficult to reach with traditional massage guns (hamstrings, calves, shoulders, back)
  • Features HeatBall™ Technology and ultra-quiet operation
  • Heat is transferred to sore muscles to enhance blood flow and promote faster healing
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 3-speed unit weighs just over a pound
  • Special anti-torsional grip for optimal control
  • Comes with 3 tips (heatball, ball and beak)

Purchasers not satisfied with the product for any reason can return it within 30 days of purchase. Plus it comes with a worry free guarantee, one year warranty. Learn more about their Warranty Policy here.

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