Top Cities for Home Buying During the Pandemic

Confused couple having to move and arrange packages to new home.

Perhaps the most unexpected effect of Covid-19 is the real estate boom, with an average of 42% of home listings nationwide selling in two weeks or less.

Lombardo Homes recently analyzed housing market data to determine which real estate markets have been most competitive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s what they found:

  • Where homes have sold the fastest during COVID-10:

1. Seattle

2. Omaha

3. Lexington

4 .Denver

5. Indianapolis

6. Portland

7. Oklahoma City

8. Sacramento

9. Oakland

10. Tulsa.

  • More than half of home buyers said the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated their home buying process.
  • 77% believe competition for housing has increased since Covid-19, and 75% have had a home go off-market before they got to look at it or put in an offer.
  • Despite many lowering their budget during Covid-19, 82% would still go over budget by $31,000 if they found the perfect home

Take a look at the report.