‘Get into the Head of a New and Confused Lover,’ with New Independent Pop Artist Rachello

‘What Does it Mean’ by New Independent Pop Artist Rachello, is Out on Spotify and Apple iTunes

Rachello steps into the indie music scene with her first single ‘What Does it Mean’ inspired by the ‘Confusion of Love,’ the song is very introspective to what goes on in a person’s head, trying to figure out the sea of emotions when falling for someone. 

“I wanted to give listeners the experience of listening into the thoughts of a new and confused lover.” say’s Rachello.


The track is out now on Spotify. iTunes, Youtube Music, Amazon, and due to hit all major platforms by the end of December 2020. Her current sounds are very pop dance sounding with a splash of dance vibes on her first track. She doesn’t want to commit to one genre, instead aims to evolve into her own distinct style. 


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