Top Tips To Making Your House Move Easier

Before getting stressed about the idea of moving and all that accompanies it. Remind yourself of the positives and why it will be worthwhile. You’ve done the house hunting and now have found your dream home in the best neighborhood within budget and that the packing and preparations you are completing now are to support this dream becoming a reality.  

Of course, packing your life into boxes can be stressful at times, and you’re not alone in thinking that, but there are some easy ways to take some of the stresses away and make it a less daunting task. 

Give Yourself Time

There is nothing worse than applying unnecessary pressure on yourself. Of course, time isn’t something you are guaranteed to be in control of, but with most moves, you do have reasonable notice, so use this. 

If you plan ahead you’ll have ample time to find and hire movers for the big day. Where possible you want to try and give yourself between 8-12 weeks to be able to plan, pack, and get sorted for moving day. 

Use Your Organizational Skills

To help make things seem a little less overwhelming, make a list. List all the jobs and tasks that need to be completed. Once you’ve got your list break it down within a realistic timescale. Consider weekly jobs to be complete and then over the planned timescales, it will get done easily. 

Use This As An Opportunity To De-Clutter

This should be high up within your moving to-do list. By clearing out all of the clutter you will feel more organized and actually be in a position to start packing. You don’t want to be in a position where you want to start packing but you need days to clear unwanted items out or worse still have to pack them to discard them at a later date. 

Find Helpers

Not everyone likes to ask for help, which can create its own difficulties. But, try to remember most people have moved once or more within their life and will understand the struggles that you’re going through. So, it is definitely worth an ask. Even if they can only spare an hour or two it will lighten your load. 

Additionally, move in move out cleaning can be a big help when it comes to making the move from one place to another simpler. This type of cleaning is designed to make sure that all the surfaces, cupboards, and appliances are free of dirt and debris so you can move into your new home with ease. Not only does “move in move out” cleaning make move day less stressful, but it also provides peace of mind knowing that you and your family will be living in a clean and safe environment.

If you do find yourself struggling to find helpers and reluctant to ask for this support. There are removal companies that can come to your property and complete the packing for you. 

Look After Yourself

Even with this excellent plan being in place, moving can still be tiring work. It is really important that along with packing and everyday life, you still manage to take care of your basic health needs. Make sure you create time to eat, sleep and rest. If you overdo it you’ll run yourself into the ground and this will become a harder task than it needs to be. Or worse, you could make yourself ill and prevent yourself from being able to work through the tasks in a realistic and timely manner. 

Finally, remember to go with the flow. This is an exciting time. Don’t let yourself get swept up in the chaos.