Jodie Bisasor: Serving the Hamptons

Jodie Bisasor Returns to the Hamptons and shows No Mercy

Serving the Hamptons Season 2 (HBO Max)

NYC based Model Jodie Bisasor returns to her hometown for “Serving the Hamptons Season 2”, now streaming on HBO Max. This season, Jodie spends the summer working at 75 Main as the lead bartender and makes it clear that she’s there to make money and has no tolerance for BS. Joined this season by new cast members, Jodie describes living in the house as toxic and quickly builds a reputation for herself as a drama queen, due to her sharp tongue and unapologetic sass.

Jodie Bisasor is a Jamaican-born model and reality TV star. After attending East Hamptons’ prestigious Ross School, Jodie combined her passion for fine art and business to launch her company Exquisite Events. She quickly built a reputation for herself among high profile clients as the go to host for private events. Most recently, Jodie has been featured in Allure Magazine and currently hosts a YouTube web series called The Dating Battle.