“CORE Women’s Network” – The Annual PINK Event Celebrates a Night of Fun and Forging New Relationships

Millennium Magazine Celebrity Correspondent Inez Barberio, founder of  “CORE Women’s Network” recently hosted her annual PINK Event, bringing women who are tied together by their genuine desire to support and uplift one another. 

Starting with humble beginnings in Barberio’s backyard during the summer of 2020, “CORE Women’s Network” has blossomed  into an event hosting nearly 150 female entrepreneurs and community leaders.  Together they seek to build meaningful connections and provide genuine support for their endeavors.

This year, the event was graciously sponsored by “Island Waterpark at the Showboat Resort” in Atlantic City.  The PINK Event was supported by the generosity of Bart Blatstein, owner of the “Showboat” who has made it his mission to bring Atlantic City on a better, more family-friendly path. 

The evening kicked off with a vibrant assembly of women adorned in pink attire, relishing quality networking time.  Against the backdrop of the waterpark’s lively ambiance, the atmosphere was primed for effortless conversation, joyous laughter, and authentic bonds of camaraderie, punctuated by countless smiles and photo opportunities.  For numerous attendees, the event offered a gateway to meeting individuals who not only facilitated their paths to success but also touched their hearts along the way.

The compassionate and empathetic message that overarches the event’s fun ambience reflects Barberio’s own hospitality, in that she helps others feel seen and understood.  In being as hospitable as she is, Barberio draws out a different side of people, as she attempts to “level the playing field” for all women and eliminate feelings of insecurity or jealousy.   She encourages all guests to come with an open mind to cultivate new relationships and learn from one another.   

Lisa Johnson, president of “Lisa Johnson Communications,” co-hosted the event this year with Barberio. As a successful female business woman in public relations and former television journalist, she was the perfect addition for a night of female bonding.

Guests were treated to a special performance by  New York Tenor, Christopher Macchio, currently in the Indie hit film “Cabrini” who took the stage singing  “Alleluia” and “God Bless America.”  The song choices reflected Barberio’s strong spirituality, which truly drives her and helps give her a sense of direction for the program. 

After a stellar standing ovation performance, the event continued with the speaker’s panel, the true jewel of the event.  Hosted by Derby Chukwudi, reigning Miss NJ USA and a distinguished businesswomen and financial leader, Chukwudi led the three panelists who gave raw and emotional insights to being female business owners.  

Panelists included “Gem Life & Bar” founder Drew Davis, “Revive Beauty Med Spa” co-owner Natalia Wirth, and “She’s an Asset” founder Autumn Clifford.  I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to these accomplished speakers before the event, and gain an insight of their connection with “CORE Women’s Network” and what they hope to offer women with their words and experiences. 

From Davis, pioneering the first booze-free bar in New Jersey, to Wirth’s journey from Brazil to the United States, culminating in the establishment of a business alongside co-owner Heydee Concepcion, to Clifford’s advocacy for teaching women the significance of situational awareness, each of the three speakers brought forth distinct and invaluable experiences to share.

The speakers gave brilliant addresses, as they shared with guests how they became who they were and how connecting with others and networking was and is a vital part in sharing their message with the world and community.  They offered themselves in vulnerability and gave insightful answers to questions asked by the audience.

Following the panel, Marci Hopkins, host of  “Wake Up with Marci and Hilary,” was awarded the Millennium Award given by “Millennium Magazine” for her work of sharing inspiring and hopeful messages through her TV program. Her work has earned her and her co-host a number of sponsorships, as she plays her part in spreading uplifting and empowering messages to fight the profound negativity in the world today and embodies the true mission of “CORE Women’s Network” – to create a community that builds each other up.  

The event was a night to remember.  Everyone left with beautiful smiles on their faces, many with new connections and a new sense of community.

Barberio hosts both intimate luncheons to give women the opportunity to create deeper connections as well as large conferences for greater networking opportunities.

To learn more about “CORE Women’s Network” and upcoming events, you can visit www.InezBarberio.com and @corewomensnetwork on Instagram.

– Story by Luke Grippo with photos by Anthony Flores