SMITH&SAINT: A Conversation with the Boutique Talent Agency

A conversation with SMITH&SAINT, a boutique talent agency for the next generation of athletes, influencers and digital entrepreneurs.

How did your previous careers prepare you for your career in sports marketing?

(Kaila) Working in the NBA and at a large-scale marketing and entertainment agency allowed me to see all perspectives of the business before stepping into my role at SMITH&SAINT. Gaining experience on both the team and brand side enables me to tailor my approach to each unique situation and client.

How did you know that you would make ideal business partners? What are the qualities your partner has that made forming the company run more smoothly, and keep things on the up and up?

(Britt/Madison) We are sisters, which not many people know! We grew up with two very entrepreneurial parents, so starting something that was our own is built into our DNA. It’s something we watched every day as kids—both the struggles and the wins. Starting something together might not have been on our BINGO boards as kids, but the timing and stars aligned when we began discussing our dreams for the future and our passions. Although we are sisters, we each bring unique qualities to the table that make us different and therefore complement each other completely. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses allows you to focus on what is missing to succeed and grow into a successful business. We both recognized what we could bring to the table early on, and leaned into those strengths to build SMITH&SAINT to keep it growing and evolving over the years.

Britt St. George

What are some initiatives your company is taking to support and drive equality for women in sports?

(Britt) SMITH&SAINT, at its core, is aimed at driving equality for women in sports. Most of the time, whether you’re a female college athlete or an Olympian, there is no professional league to go on to. Our aim is to provide another avenue for women who do not have the option to sign a lucrative player’s contract by capitalizing on the audiences they’ve built throughout their sports careers and parlaying that into a second act as an influencer, motivational speaker, sports commentator, entrepreneur, or otherwise. We step in to help these athletes identify their passions, both within their sport and outside of it, to lay the foundations for their next chapter. There is so much opportunity to be had, and with SMITH&SAINT’s team of experts to help guide you, we’ve been able to help athletes unlock new levels of their stories. At a micro level, partnering with brands and adding giveback initiatives to our athlete campaigns is another major way we are working to create more equality for women in sports. Last year, our client, Suni Lee, partnered with foundations and brands such as Voice in Sport and Lego around women’s equality within sports to amplify how important it is to advocate for girls and women and empower them to continue to close the gap in pay, visibility, and access.

Madison Smith

What sort of example do you want to set for up-and-coming women in business, particularly among those wanting to break gender barriers?

(Kaila) I strive to be an example of authenticity, hard work and kindness.Through active mentorship, I aim to contribute to a culture of workplace inclusivity and promote a healthy work-life balance. Our industry can often feel cold and transactional, so we as a team always prioritize both zealously advocating for our clients and, quite simply, the golden rule. I hope my experience shows women looking to pursue this path that they can break through gender barriers and pursue their dreams confidently in a male-dominated industry.

Kaila McWilliams

What are some of the unique services you provide clients that separate you from the competition

SMITH&SAINT is a fully-integrated solution to talent representation and social-first brand building, providing a unique, high-touch approach to each member of its roster. From traditional and new-age endorsements and collaboration products to incubating and launching talent-owned companies, SMITH&SAINT’s 360-degree approach sets us apart from our competition as we prioritize relationships, career longevity, and brand-building not only online, but also in real life. Keeping a small, tightly-knit roster of clients is of supreme importance to us, allowing us to take on the empathy needed to drive success in a way only those in the trenches could. We prioritize kindness, zealous advocacy, and longevity. Our team is made up of business-forward thinkers who are highly trained to provide an elite level of service to our clients; from their skills as negotiators, to their creative thinking when crafting campaigns in tandem with their talent, to their business acumen when bringing clients’ ideas to life. There is truly a benchmark set for the “SMITH&SAINT way,” as most of our brand and agency partners refer to our operations in this way. Ultimately, it’s our ability to build meaningful relationships with our clients and our genuine desire to bring their dreams and passions to life that sets us apart.


– Veronica Costa Photography