Bonaire Says Bon Bini with Eased Entry-Requirements and First-Ever Rum Festival

The best kept secret of the Caribbeans welcomes back travelers as entry requirements lighten

March 2022 – Kralendijk, Bonaire – The Dutch Island of Bonaire announced that effective March 20, 2022, fully vaccinated travelers with a second vaccine or booster shot administered within 270 days of entry are no longer required to take a PCR or antigen test. On the heels of revealing loosened COVID restrictions and allowing jet-setters easier travel into the world’s first Blue Destination and one of National Geographic’s best destinations in the world, this untouched gem has also announced that it will be hosting its first ever rum festival, Bonaire Rum Week, June 14-17, 2022, celebrating the world of this Caribbean spirit.

Fully vaccinated guests whose vaccine or booster shot was administered over 270 days prior to entry or those who do not meet vaccination requirements will still be  required to provide an antigen test within the 24 hours prior to departure or a PCR test within 48 hours prior to arrival to the island. All travelers, irrespective of their vaccination status, must still fill out the health declaration form to enter Bonaire.

“The safety of our locals and visitors has always been a top-priority and the decline of COVID cases encourages relaxed entry restrictions. Our vibrant local community welcomes the responsible global adventurer and foodie traveler to explore the unsurpassed natural beauty and eco-friendly treasures this island has to offer.” says Miles B M Mercera, Tourism Corporation Bonaire’s CEO, “In hosting our first annual Rum Week we can showcase  to the world another side to Bonaire, one of authentic cuisine, award-winning local rum and colorful island life.”

Tourism Corporation Bonaire in partnership with the Caribbean Journal, the team behind the annual Caribbean Rum Awards festival to host Bonaire Rum Week — a four-day rum-fueled event showcasing Bonaire’s burgeoning culinary scene with an exploration of the area’s finest premium rums. From signature rum punches to microbreweries and tiki bars, foodie travelers will be able to indulge in the island’s culinary culture with events such as an opening party at Rum Runners, a rum-on-the-beach tasting at the the Plaza Beach Resort, as well as a cocktail competition at the island’s new, chic bar, Tiki & Co. The festivities end with a dinner at Brass Boer, the locally-inspired oceanfront restaurant whose owner is a renowned chef with a Michelin star.

Bonaire’s Flamingo International Airport offers on-site testing to help tourists adhere to the island’s current COVID-19 testing protocol, as well as assist visitors returning to the United States by providing results within 15 minutes. Please visit for the most updated COVID protocols and travel requirements to the island.

About Bonaire

The world’s first Blue Destination, surrounded by shores renowned for unrivaled scuba diving as well as year-round sunshine, the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire is a blissful beach escape bursting with a history and culture as colorful as its architecture and tropical fish. Long recognized as a diver’s paradise, Bonaire’s renewed focus on celebrating its pristine ocean, abundant nature, and rich heritage, has helped evolve the destination into one of luxury, culture and adventure. Now home to a burgeoning culinary scene, the likes of Michelin star talent have anchored some brilliant new options for foodies on the island, while elevated accommodations from luxury villas to beachfront boutique hotels, are attracting a variety of sophisticated travelers from around the globe. Bonaire’s animal sanctuaries, National Parks and interesting landscapes, ranging from salt flat coastlines to cactus-filled stretches of desert, are a must visit for nature lovers. Abounding with outdoor activities such as kayaking, caving and kite surfing, the island is also a hotspot for adventure seekers ready to explore. As regeneration of its spectacular coral reefs, to include a commitment to the sustainable use of ocean resources and a pursuit of conscientious social and economic development, positioning Bonaire as one of the Caribbean’s most eco-friendly islands.