History and Geographical Landmarks Make Egypt One of the Best Destinations In The World

It could be argued that there is no better place on earth to visit than Egypt when looking for a variety of different things to do as there is so much that is on offer!

Indeed, those who wish to explore will be able to witness some of the world’s most iconic landmarks and features within the northern African country, whilst the amount of history that can be found within the nation is undeniable.

Whether major cities such as the capital, Cairo, are visited or the regions outside of them are explored, there is no doubt that there will be something for everyone to look at, but what are just some of the top reasons?


As highlighted briefly, the amount of history that Egypt has provided and the influence it has had on the world has to be considered one of the best reasons to visit the country as there are so many different wonders to explore.

Naturally, given the amount of history that is available within the African country, it would be almost impossible to try and describe all of it, however you only have to look at the period of Ancient Egypt to gain an understanding of how important it is.

There are historic figures such as Tutankhamun and Cleopatra to have come from the region, whilst there were iconic buildings including pyramids that were erected within this time period. 

Furthermore, there are a number of concepts to have emerged from the time period, such as the Book of Dead. This concept is one that had originated from concepts that were depicted within tomb paintings and inscriptions from a time that dates back to the Third Dynasty of Egypt (c. 2670 – 2613 BCE). However, by the time the 12th Dynasty had arrived (1991 – 1802 BCE), spells with accompanying illustrations were written of papyrus and placed in the tombs and graves of the dead alongside them. This concept has inspired a number of different forms of entertainment, with movies and games being made available, including the Book of Dead game which is one of the most popular slots available to choose and play.

Geographical Features and Landmarks

Whilst the history of the region will always likely play a role in making Egypt one of the best places to go and visit in the world, there are a number of geographical features and historic landmarks that can only be witnessed in the northern African country; or at the very least, where visitors will be able to get an authentic feel for them.

As mentioned, the pyramids created in the region are amongst the first to have ever been built and are famous around the world and, whilst they are created in a number of places elsewhere, there is no better feeling than seeing them where they were first initially created and built. For instance, The Great Pyramid of Giza is literally the last existing Ancient Wonder of the World and is thought to have been in existence for as long as 4,500 years. There are a number of pyramids and Sphinx that surround it, but with visitors able to go up close to it, it is something that many simply need to go to Egypt to do.

Further landmarks include the River Nile, which is widely thought to be the longest river in the world (although there are disputes about whether the Amazon River is greater). Visitors can go on a cruise on the Nile and see a number of different temples, or they can look to travel through to other African countries including Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi.

The Sahara Desert is also possible to visit in Egypt, with the most eastern part of the ecoregion beginning in the country before heading west through a number of northern African countries.

Red Sea and Beaches

It would be wrong not to mention that Egypt is one of the cheapest places to visit in the world, but for those who do not want to spend a lot of money once they have organized a trip, then spending time at one of the many beaches available could be amongst the top reasons to visit.

With the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, Egypt is situated in a position where it is always typically warm and sitting on a beach is something that can be done in the winter, just as much as it can be done in the summer. For those who wish to go scuba diving, that is something that can be enjoyed in the Red Sea, where a huge array of sea life will be seen.


Egypt has so much to offer visitors from all around the world, with a number of unique elements that simply cannot be experienced anywhere else on the planet. Indeed, the historic nature that the African country has to offer will make the region incredibly desirable as a place to see, although those who want to relax will be more than happy with what they can find here, as well.