Millennials Often Experience Buyer’s Remorse after Purchasing a Home

Many millennials have reported feeling some type of remorse after purchasing a home of their own. This feeling of remorse can range from just one particular regret to many. This often stems from the fact that these young adults have put all of their attention on getting themselves qualified for a home loan and didn’t spend the time finding the right home.

In many cases, the homeownership experience begins with a lot of excitement, but once this starts to wear off, some regrets can start to appear. Millennials especially may feel that they should have done something differently when buying the home.

Compromising on a Property

Most young buyers find themselves in circumstances where they have to make certain compromises when purchasing a new home. They may have to compromise on size, condition, or the property’s price. Although most buyers go into a house search with a specific wish list in mind, it’s almost impossible to meet all of the demands on the list. At least some types of compromise must be made, which can often lead to a feeling of regret, to one degree or another, later on.

Underestimating the Cost of the Home

One of the most common regrets that millennials experience is underestimating all of the hidden costs involved with the purchase and the ongoing maintenance expenses. Others may feel that they simply paid too much for the home and struggle to meet the mortgage payments. It can be fine when you work out the financial logistics on paper before going ahead and making a purchase but another thing completely once you have to start living with the mortgage payments.

Purchasing a Home Based on Emotions

Millennials that are new to the real estate game may end up purchasing a house, condo, townhouse, or duplex based on the emotions they feel when first entering the home. In some cases, a person may walk into a home and feel like they need to have it based on a gut feeling. Even if the location is wrong, the house is outside their budget, or other things don’t fit into the wish list, the gut feeling can take over and become the basis for the buying decision.

Although you should love the house that you are going to be living in, so many other factors need to be taken into account. The decision to buy needs to be based not only on emotions but on logical thinking. It is a balance of the two that will lead to purchasing a home without any major regrets attached.

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