Connecting to Creativity with Celebrity Connected and MTV


While nominees and presenters for the MTV 2018 Movie Awards made the rounds, Celebrity Connected’s pre-awards event at the W Hotel Hollywood was not just a place to go, but a place to linger and be inspired—perhaps even more so than the main event itself.

In keeping with pre-award show shindigs, there were plenty of beauty and fashion-related products. Dudes could fill out their California summer wardrobe with t-shirts from Search Party Apparel (, while women could outfit themselves for formal occasions with custom frocks from Bella Moda Studio ( and more casual Asian street-wear inspired pieces from Los Angeles-based label Current Air (

Ohio-based Cinderella’s Closet’s ( tees were timely, given the continued relevance of the #MeToo movement and numerous anti-bullying initiatives across the U.S. J. Elizabeth’s tee boutique ( meanwhile, dedicate some of its profits to health organizations specializing in fertility.


Indie makeup brands Nanacoco’s and Spicy Dark’s ( creators were on hand to show guests their trendy and classic ranges of colors, while skin care lines Lovingly Yours and Beauty Dream Pro offered products to care for skin sans makeup. Anybody following the South Korean “K-Beauty” movement found herself drawn to OnyxYouth Magnet Mask (—a fun unisex use gadget with a lot of parts. Once the product’s cream mask has sat on one’s face for an hour or so, its excess is removed with a magnetic wand, leaving behind a light serum.


Safari Kids (, meanwhile, catered to the pre-teen crowd (and older celebs with young families) with its candy colored and scented body and bath goods. WaterPik, meanwhile, rolled out its Pet Wand Dog Shower (, which can be used indoors or out when four-legged A-listers are being prepped for their red carpet walks.


There were also a few choice travel items for the jet-setting crowd, including Chic Sparrow ( notebooks with passport and credit card slots and pockets, and sleep masks from Dream Sleeper ( so luxurious it would be a shame not to use them at home. Stefanie Kwiatkowski, meanwhile, brought samples from her company Barre’Letixx ( These slip-on waterproof sandals ensure less slippage on slick surfaces and more comfortable walking on the beach, but without leg “farmer tan” lines left behind. They’re also handy for yoga fans adding extra “stick” for balancing poses.


Foodies, meanwhile, were entertained with numerous cooking demonstrations, with various products from Cuisinart (, UchiCook’s Steam Grill pan ( for grilled meats and veggies without outdoor grills and summer heat, light and spicy Vietnamese marinades by Viet Kieu (, Frill Frozen Desserts ( in chocolate, berry, and a surprisingly tasty “green” flavor with basil, avocado, spinach, and other unexpected ingredients. Those preferring actually desserts with frosting and sugar, meanwhile, also had plenty of choices from traditional cupcakes to Japanese-inspired “mille feuille” cakes.