East Hampton Antiques and Design Show

East Hampton Antiques and Design Show held on the historic grounds of Mulford Farm in the heart of East HamptonVillage kicked off its summer event with a VIP cocktail party to benefit the East Hampton Historical Society.

Honorary Chairperson @LizLangeOfficial; American fashion designer, entrepreneur, author, podcast host – and current owner of the fabled Grey Gardens Estate in East Hampton hosted the event as guests enjoyed an early buying opportunity of the impressive antiques, art, jewelry, furniture, and accessories.

The show then continued for several days garnering surprise visits from celebrities, Christie Brinkley, Joy Behar and Jill Rappaport. Distinguished guests included Aerin Lauder, Richard & Lauren DuPont, Jenny LandeyLaura Doyle, Katharine RaynerAnnette CummingMike CliffordAlan Patricof and Robert Levy

The design community came out in full force, including David NettoStephen Sills, Scott SandersMarshall Watson Interiors, TomScheerer, Steven GambrelDavid KleinbergTom Samet & Nathan Wold.

Photos by Lauren Clarke-Bennett