LET’S DO LAUNCH : A Hollywood Agent Dishes

Meet Legendary Hollywood Agent Harry Abrams, an American Original; LET’S DO LAUNCH : A Hollywood Agent Dishes on How to make your Business and Career Take off

Meeting mega Hollywood agent Harry Abrams should be on the bucket list of anyone interested in show business as well as the business of show business. In Hollywood, you don’t get to be called legendary for nothing. It’s rumored, when agent Harry Abrams speaks, everyone stops texting, including A-list Hollywood and Broadway stars, directors and producers.

Never underestimate the power of passion to propel a dream into reality.so if you’re navigating your career as an actor, advice from a Hollywood legend can be an enormous help. Knowledge is power,.

Since promoting celebrities is a cottage industry in Hollywood, Harry’s history in the industry is a true inspiration, and a real motivator for anyone who wants to crash the gates and become a star in the Hollywood firmament which is why anyone with show business ambitions will benefit from the experience of this well-seasoned industry vet.

For 60 plus years, Harry has charted his own course, disdained industry insiders whose job is to frankly glam-wash their clients. He has earnestly shattered the stereotype of the harsh, cold-blooded  and manipulative  agent (AKA players)  who  prevent access to their clients in order to control the story . Harry is always himself, kind, caring and renowned for fighting fearlessly for the best for all his A- list clients that include some of entertainment’s biggest household names many of which he discovered Jennifer Lopez, Liam Neeson, Kerry Washington, Jerry Seinfeld, William H. Macy, Jason Alexander, Katie Holmes,  Jaclyn Smith,  David Strathairn, Connie Britton, Michael Emerson, Susan Lucci, Bob Barker ,Chick Hearn, Bill Stout, and many, many more.  His longevity is atypical in an industry that notoriously burns out industry hacks.

Abrams has illuminated the lives of  Hollywood’s A listers, so it was inevitable that he would follow the call to reveal all into a book “Let’s Do Launch:  A Hollywood Agent Dishes on How to Make Your Business and Career Take Off. He collaborated with Rod Thorn to let the public inside the secret tracks and tricks of a career that has spanned back to the 1960s. It was then that he walked into the mailroom at MCA, and since then has never left the industry.

Abrams has seen fire and he’s seen rain, and it’s all there in the book. From the days he co-founded Abrams-Rubaloff & Associates in the ‘60s, to building  a top talent agency repping everyone from commercial and voiceover actors to broadcast journalists and sportscasters. When the itch to represent talent in all facets of their entertainment journeys became too much to ignore, he launched Abrams Artists Agency in the early 70’s  which he ran for 40+ years until he retired in 2018 when he sold it to the agency. Since then, he’s been working on the book and his perpetual golden tan.

Filled with stories about his entertainment pursuits, Abrams’ book has anecdotes about “the biz” that will have you laughing and even cringing at times. Like when he worked in the mailroom at MCA and drove agency co-founder Jules Stein’s Mercedes 300SL through dozens of Beverly Hills alleys to his home in the Hollywood Hills with the gull-wing doors open (because he didn’t know how to close them).

Stories aside, Let’s Do Launch is mostly about the time and relationships Abrams formed while in the business of representing actors.

And because Harry has broken all the stereotypes of an ogre agent, his forthright book shall be regarded as one honest, and clear window into Hollywood access and success. It’s his reader’s fortune that Harry has made a place for all aspiring artists room for all of us to share.

Harry Abrams is available for interviews. I shall be back in touch with you shortly to see what we might arrange.