Married To The Mob: Real Mob Wives Jennifer & Renee Graziano Tell You How To Get The Look Without Getting Into Trouble

Mob Wives

Intrigue. Secrets. Passion. Deceit. Family honor. Wives. Mistresses. Extravagance. Devotion.

This is the life of a mob wife as depicted in the hit VH1 series Mob Wives Executive producer and creator Jennifer Graziano starred along with sister Renee Graziano, plus a colorful ensemble cast from 2011-2016.  Mob Wives packed all the romance, melodrama, back-stabbing intrigue, and ride-or-die family ties we love about gangster films. Since fans couldn’t get enough of the never-a-dull-moment famiglia, successful spin-offs followed.

Being the voyeurs that we are, perhaps the most addictive aspect of the show is fashion. Bold, daring, ultra-glam, and unabashedly sexy. The look is anything but understated, and captivates with its unapologetic “I have arrived, now step aside,” sensibility.

The good news is you don’t have to be a real-life mob wife to get the look (though we suppose it helps). The size of your budget matters less than the size of the impact you are prepared to make. Who better than real Mob Wives sisters Jennifer and Renee Graziano to explain the allure of the mob wife look, and more importantly, how to achieve it. Hint: It takes a suitcase full of confidence and a carry-on of audacity to rock the mob wife aesthetic, but Jennifer and Renee believe in you (and there’s an app to help you along). Start by making a big pot of homemade pasta sauce. No mob wife would be caught dead with the store-bought stuff!

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Can you describe the “Mob Wife” ethos? How did it develop? 

Jen: The “Mob Wife” ethos is a celebration of bold extravagance—think lavish furs, dazzling diamonds, sleek leather, and striking patterns like animal prints. Yet, it’s more than just attire; it’s a declaration of power, a fearless embrace of a lavish lifestyle, a deliberate choice to be noticed. Jonathan Marc Stein’s collection epitomizes this aesthetic, especially his leather jacket radiating female empowerment and Boss Bitch vibes. Whether paired with a seductive little black dress or a crisply tailored suit, the impact is nothing short of stunning.

Renee: Envision everything on a grand scale—voluminous hair, opulent jewelry, sumptuous minks flowing to the floor, and an ensemble draped in sophisticated all-black. It’s classy, sexy, and above all, grand—especially the jewels and the arm candy! Picture a man-tailored shirt with personalized initials on the cuff, a form-fitting pinstripe skirt, elegant red pumps, and a dazzling five-carat ruby ring to complete the ensemble.

What do you think attracts people to this style?  

Jen: It exudes power and sexiness – it’s a statement without saying a word.  It makes you feel like a boss.  It gives women a chance to live out loud like the gangsters used to.

Renee: Women love men with power but men can be very intimidated by a woman with power. So, she can be a boss but has to act like a lady.

What accessories and jewelry are best to complement the look?

Jen: Pair the jewelry with luxurious furs, oversized sunglasses, spacious handbags, and alluring shoes and boots.

Renee: I’m all about the boots—classic Bally boots with a modest heel, matched with a short leather skirt, mink, and iconic Jackie O glasses. And don’t forget, everything should be big, especially the rock and the man on your arm.

 How can it best be adapted to different seasons or occasions?  

Jen: During summer, opt for a bold red or leopard-print dress paired with open-toe shoes and oversized sunglasses. In winter, take that same dress, throw on high boots and a fur coat. An LBD is versatile across all seasons; it’s all about adjusting accessories based on the weather. Also, for inspiration, check out the Mob Wife Aesthetic template on the app to instantly draw inspiration from looks across all seasons.

Renee: I’ve never been one for leopard prints; that’s more suited for the mob man’s mistress, in my opinion. Stick with the timeless Little Black Dress, adorned with pearls, and a classic Chanel bag, fitting for summer, spring, winter, and fall—because a little black dress says it all.

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