Thinking of Relocating to the South? 5 Cities Worth Considering

Are you a New England native that’s just done with the winter? Maybe you’re from the Pacific Northwest and you’ve been caught in the rain one too many times. There’s endless reasons that someone might want to relocate, and if the south is where you have in mind, you can’t go wrong. Unsure exactly where to settle down? Here’s a few great options to consider. 

Tampa, Florida

A major metro area in proximity to the ocean means that you can stop at the beach on the way home from the office. How can you beat that? While in the city you’ll find unforgettable Cuban and Spanish influences everywhere you look, from the food to the architecture.

The fun doesn’t stop there, Tampa also offers not only museums and theme parks but also ample nature parks that are great for both hiking and kayaking.

Charleston, South Carolina

It’s a city with great tourism but don’t think it’s not a place to consider living full time. Here you’ll find an amazing history representing the Charleston of yesterday. From historic homes to cobblestone streets, the charm is seemingly endless. 

Within the city you’ll also find a modern metro area where the major sources of employment are found. From working at Boeing to something at a more traditional office, you’d be sure to find a great job here to match the amazing quality of life that Charleston offers. 

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Many find their way to Fayetteville to attend the University of Arkansas. Once they spend time in the area and get comfortable, many never leave. When looking at all the local job opportunities, you’ll understand why. That’s a big part of what makes this a great area to live in. 

Some major corporations in the area include Walmart and Tyson Foods. Pair opportunities like that with a lower cost of living and it’s clear to see what makes this a great area to put down some roots. 

Knoxville, Tennessee 

The first time you see the charming and free Knoxville Trolley, you’ll never want to leave. You’ll find it downtown or on the University of Tennessee campus and it’s just the first sign of the character in this city. The downtown itself is known for its lively arts scene and amazing food. Take a stroll downtown on the right day and it won’t be long before you find yourself an outdoor concert. 

When looking at Knoxville Real Estate, you’ll be happy to learn how far your hard earned dollar will take you. The cost of housing is lower than the national average and the city is known as “recession-proof” so don’t feel like a real estate investment is going to be a poor choice here.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Considered one of the best places to live in the United States, Charlotte is growing at a steady rate while still being a fairly inexpensive place to settle down. You’ll find a great mix of suburban and urban neighborhoods all offering their own great options when it comes to shops, restaurants, and parks. 

If you decide to settle here and consider yourself a nature lover, don’t forget to spend some time at both Lake Norman and Lake Wylie. Driving to either will take you less than an hour and either will be a great choice for fishing and boating.