LA Pop Art Salutes David Bowie with Unique Line of Branded Apparel

LA Pop Art proudly announces that it has entered into a partnership with The David Bowie Estate to celebrate his legacy with an all-new collection of “word art” apparel.

Bowies’ passion for visual imagery was the inspiration for this collection of unique LA Pop Art hand drawn word art designs. The distinctive apparel collection is launched with several of the most iconic images in David Bowies catalog. The first design of the collection reimagines the Classic Bowie logo using some of his most popular song titles. In addition to the Logo, LA Pop Art has also recreated the iconic Aladdin Sane album cover simply out of the word Bowie over and over resulting in a breathtaking artistic masterpiece.

“There are Rock Stars, and there are Rock Gods – David Bowie is one of the few artists in history that’s both”, said LA Pop Art company founder Joseph Leibovic “We are so honored to put this collection out for his ever-growing fan base. The words that create our designs are used to add another layer of an emotional connection for the fans.”

The deal was facilitated by Perryscope Productions, in collaboration with Epic Rights.

David Bowie is the latest addition to LA Pop Art’s Rock Legends Collection, which also spotlights such mega band partners as AC/DC and KISS.

LA Pop Art merchandise is available in Men’s, Women’s and Kids’ sizes at,, and other selected quality retailers.

About David Bowie:

David Bowie is one of British music’s greatest icons. As a master of reinvention whose experiments with sound and style enthralled the world and continues to inspire generations of musicians and fans.

About LA Pop Art:

LA Pop Art is the exclusive home to unique “Word Art” apparel that combines the visual images of pop culture’s most celebrated icons with the language that made them famous, creating unique works of art.

The company creates text-based artwork, entirely drawn by hand, using the ancient technique of micrography, an art form of writing text in very small letters to form the illusion of an image.

LA Pop Art is the premier Pop Art micrographic imaging firm with a portfolio of film, music, and pop-culture artwork from the biggest names in the business, and has been featured in top magazines, movies, TV shows and in major art collections and exhibits. To learn more visit