BEAUTY BASIC TRAINING: SKINN Lab Insider 30-Day Boot Camp Whips Eyes Into Shape


You look like you need a good workout. You made it your new year’s resolution (again!), and it’s time to take the plunge. Your eyes look tired and puffy, and those pesky dark circles are creeping back in. Your lids are showing signs of droopiness and the crow’s feet are as stubborn as ever. In fact, forget the workout–it’s time for a 30-day boot camp to whip you into shape. Starting with your eyes.

Before you scream you don’t have time, you can relax. This intense, but highly targeted training only takes only a couple of minutes twice a day. And you only need to do it for 30 days at three-month intervals. And the results? Well, you won’t believe your eyes!

SKINN® introduces Lab Insider, developed directly from the SKINN® Lab. The brand’s scientists began conceptualizing the idea of creating skincare products that strictly focus on high-performing ingredients. The goal was to combine transparent active percentages and clinical-backed formulas for quality, traceable, and sustainable at-home solutions. Thus, emerged Lab insider–incubated by the SKINN® Lab Team.

The first launch from Lab Insider is the 30-Day Eye Boot Camp™: a complete expert-level regimen that is clinically proven to lift, firm, and improve dark circles, puffiness, elasticity, and wrinkles around the eyes in just 30 days. This four-step routine consists of three highly concentrated Active Clinical Complexes designed for your morning and evening eye ‘workouts’, with upkeep suggested only once every three months. Each treatment is formulated to target specific AM and PM concerns around the delicate eye area.

The interval routine comprises four quick and easy-to-follow steps.

AM Serum–Your cardio workout that increases circulation in the eye area and instantly tightens and de-puffs. The Morning Active Clinical Complex works to reduce the appearance of dark circles while also protecting against blue light damage and other environmental aggressors. A 23% Active Clinical Complex | Inst’Tight (Honey Locust Seed Extract), niacinamide, and caffeine.

PM Serum–Your power lift + firm workout that is intended to get your skin tight, toned, and hydrated. This evening eye serum reinforces skin barrier function and eyes!

AM/PM Cream–Your 24-hour trainer, when coupled with the above serums, makes them work harder, faster, and longer. Proven to deliver the healthy lipid profile of youth, fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles dwindle in size and appearance.

The eye area is tricky, so Rayyan Umrani, SKINN Product Marketing and PR Manager explains how they could formulate such a radical product. “The eye area is delicate and unique to every individual,” states Umrani. “Our clinical study plus our consumer group study was conducted for 30 days with the study results being: the 30-Day Eye Boot Camp™ is clinically proven to firm, lift, improve elasticity, and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Our before and after photos were taken on the first day of the 30-Day Eye Boot Camp™ and day 30–with some candidates seeing significant results around day 15.”

The SKINN Lab Insider model is intended to accelerate the results of your everyday skincare on areas of the face and body that are often difficult to treat with traditional products. According to Umrani, SKINN has an advantage as an indie brand. “The benefit is that we have direct communication with our consumer base. With consumer insight, trend research, and industry forecast, we discovered that what was lacking in people’s skincare routine was a way to enhance their current routine while also speeding up and maintaining the results in between their dermatologist visit.”


Located in Los Angeles, the city known for its global access to innovation, trends, and treatments in the beauty, medical, and wellness space, SKINN® is an award-winning, clinically proven, global skincare and cosmetics company. With a robust portfolio of professional-grade cosmeceuticals transformed into at-home solutions, SKINN’s Lab Fresh®Formulations are small-batch, crafted from their FDA registered on-site OTC Lab and delivered directly to the consumer’s door. SKINN® believes in a clean, cruelty-free, and mindful approach to beauty that prioritizes natural ingredients without affecting performance.


Lab Insider i is a cosmeceuticals brand that targets skincare concerns with expert visible lab-approved results that offer transparent access to high performing skincare solutions. These targeted skincare solutions use actives at proven percentages with validated and concentrated blends of the latest skincare advancements. The clinically proven formulations are made in small batches from SKINN® brand’s FDA Registered Lab.