The new brand takes superfood skincare to the next level; combining natural ingredients, acold-processing method, and the trends of green juices for optimal skin health.

Joos Cosmetics is a fresh, 100% natural, superfood-infused skincare line that is made with no synthetic fragrances, dyes, parabens, GMOs or sulfates. Created by co-founders and beauty industry veterans, Shayan Sadrolashrafi and Andrew Glass, the brand offers healthy skincare solutions with powerhouse ingredients housed in beverage-style containers, to supercharge your everyday skin rituals and reveal a youthful, glowing complexion. Each formula uses whole botanicals and potent phytonutrients made through a nutrient-saving, cold-processing method that delivers whole nutrients deep into the skin. Similar to the staple cold-pressed juices that give you an instant dose of essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs to function throughout the day, Joos products also add the balance of daily “skintrition TM”.

Not only does Joos Cosmetics tout sustainable skincare options inspired by fresh-pressed juices, consumers can also refer to the Skintrition TM labels on the back of each bottle that detail daily benefits, ingredients, and usages. Additionally, the brand’s packaging is fully custom with bottles containing aluminum caps to make them completely recyclable and also features a plug to help preserve the product inside the bottles. With a goal of making clean beauty more accessible and transparent, Joos is turning a refreshing, everyday pick-me-up into the healthiest skincare go-to!

Carefully curated to suit various skin types and concerns, Joos Cosmetics’ initial launch will include a delectable array of sweet-smelling cleansers, double-cleansing oils, and serums that gives your skin the same nutrition you need to feed your body.

Joos Cosmetics co-founder, Shayan Sadrolashrafi saw a need in the beauty market as this level of fresh skincare did not exist commercially. “I wanted to create the healthiest skin care products available and present them in a way that consumers would just get it. Andrew and I found it easier to read the back of a juice bottle from the grocery store to find out the facts than trying to look through the confusing ingredients on the back of skincare products, so we created a skintritionTM panel to make it simple for customers and to be as transparent as possible!” He wanted to share his love of green juices and natural skincare with customers who are looking for more natural and healthier alternatives and quick solutions to add to their daily self-care routines.

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