Derek Fabulous

This fall, Derek Warburton is breaking barriers and going beyond gender stereotypes as the Derek Fabulous line releases its new make-up collection, “Boundless.” Get your brushes and make-up blenders ready and don’t be afraid to experiment with your creativity and individuality!

Derek Warburton, who in the past has shared the struggles he faced growing up, is a testament to how self-love and self-acceptance can bring you to greater heights. Derek Warburton created the “Boundless” collection in collaboration with Europe’s household name in beauty–FACE Stockholm, to celebrate the strides that have been made in recent years toward greater acceptance of people from all walks of life, the freedom to live and love as they choose, and the courage to express themselves fully. The Boundless collection is a shout-out to everyone who is not afraid to be their most genuine and fabulous self. Celebrate authenticity, love, and acceptance this fall with the Derek Fabulous “Boundless” collection.

This collection reflects how I embrace life. I live by my own rules and am not bound by age, gender, society, masculinity, or femininity–only my unique self. I invite others to join in that thinking by embracing this collection.” Derek Warbuton

The collection is designed to go seamlessly from day to night. The BB cream (short for beauty balm) is the perfect base because it moisturizes, protects, and corrects all in one cream. The gold, bronze, and silver highlighters can be layered to create your personal shade and double as eyeshadow–making this the ultimate glam-on-the-go kit. The two shades of bronzer and two shades of contour included in the collection can be used on their own or layered together. The signature eyeshadow pallet consists of teal, cream, terracotta, and grey/black shadows to create as much drama as you can handle. The collection is complete with luscious mascara and the coveted concealer pen–a secret weapon for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

Warburton has built his brand as an iconic trailblazer and trendsetter in fashion and beauty. His magazines represent what he has built his legacy on – truth, passion & authenticity. Styled as only Warburton can, award-winning actors, politicians, and royalty grace his covers. Warburton is also recognized for his deep commitment to giving back to his community. Most recently, he received the Style Icon Award from New You magazine and was named Style Ambassador to the city of Los Angeles by the California State Assembly for his work with the homeless.

Founded in Sweden in 1982, FACE Stockholm celebrates 40 years as a female-owned and operated makeup and skincare brand built on an ethos of self-expression, individuality, clean ingredients, and sustainability. The collaboration with Derek Warburton recognizes the progress in inclusivity, diversity, and the acceptance of people living and loving freely and expressing their most authentic selves while acknowledging that there is still more work to be done. “In developing this collection with Derek, we unite in the shared mission to celebrate individuality and expression via beauty, wit, and grace,” said FACE Stockholm founder Martina Arfwidson.

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