DON’T GET BENT OUT OF SHAPE OVER TEXTURED HAIR; Join the Mizani Style Shifter Society and flaunt healthy curls without the kink

MIZANI, the professional authority expert of textured hair care, announces the unveiling of three new products for their Style Shifter Society collection, allowing women to drastically change their hair without compromise to its health, from scalp to end. Wonder Crown Scalp Foaming Pre-Cleanser, Heat Screen Heat Protectant Spray, and Coco Dew Pre-Styling and Restyling Spray are solutions rigorously tested by professional texture experts (minding every level of coil, curl, and wave) so professionals and at-home users can effectively care for hair, no matter the style or how many times it changes. Wonder Crown, Heat Screen, and Coco Dew launch this month at Sephora.

According to Google Analytics, search inquiries for braid-related hairstyles have grown 654% year-over-year, while search inquiries about scalp concerns have grown 304% year-over-year, showing that women are increasingly looking to augment their hair even though the scalp and overall hair condition takes a beating. Mizani recognizes these individuals as style shifters, “women whose hairstyling constantly resides at the cutting-edge of today’s hair trends,” according to Mizani Artist Jamal Edmonds. “Hair is the focal point of a style shifter’s look. She is a risk-taker that likes to make bold statements using dramatic shifts in her hairstyle. Because hair is a part of her daily uniform, style shifters frequently visit the salon, with regular maintenance in-between visits.” One can always spot a style shifter by her ability to take today’s latest hair trends and fashion them in her own way, thus taking the world by storm. As the professional authority expert of textured hair care, MIZANI is alongside women with every metamorphosis of their hair, allowing them to prep it, protect it, and restyle it, as only a style shifter can.

To complement the innovative products, Mizani Global Artistic Director Tippi Shorter has put her years of textured hair expertise into creating a revolutionary cutting method she calls the “air-cut.” In contrast to the concept of a “texturizing haircut,” this alternative way to cut textured hair is not free-form curl cutting, but an exciting new technique that brings opportunities for hair inclusivity to a new level. With a virtual training program available to stylists nationwide, consumers can be confident they receive consistent results with any Mizani trained stylist.