Ever Wonder How Today’s Anonymously Famous Are Tomorrow’s Household Names?

Such a novel idea is an oxymoron in itself and is well demonstrated in a new audiobook trademarked by author/producer Mira Tzur, to be released mid April to most media outlets!

“One of the most ideal rewards people can count on is winning the games they repeatedly play, such as with the law of attraction. When we stay disciplined, true to our talents, beliefs, and expertise, our vision will manifest itself into our dreamed reality.” says Mira Tzur.

I was fortunate enough to squeeze in an interview with Ms. Tzur who recently returned from a quick visit to her homeland of Israel with a stop in France, to promote her newest film, ARUGAM BAY, to raise awareness about the 6 months of ongoing war in her country and launch the new audio version of her book,  ANONYMOUSLY FAMOUS™️.

Mira Tzur, the Founder and Author of ANONYMOUSLY FAMOUS™️, (as expressed in her own words), “seeks to inspire others to be the best version of themselves at any given age and stage in life. Whether you become a model, an actress, a presenter, a spokesperson, or an influencer, you can find something new to learn from this book.” Mira goes on to say, “The role of knowing who you are as an individual is the master key to unlocking the secret for personal marketing and branding.”


“A how-to guide for achieving an everlasting career in the world of Commercial Print Lifestyle Modeling,” Tzur uses her experience to create an informative A to Z guide illustrating her own — often humorous — 25-year journey in the industry of modeling and acting.

She shares interviews with many of her renowned peers and colleagues, demonstratinghow modeling is a lifestyle that evolves over time and only gets better with aging gracefully.

Mira Tzur is best known for her multifaceted talents and ability to inspire, mobilize, and encourage others to fulfill their dreams at any stage in life.

The Israeli/ American talent is Founder and President of One Circle Productions & Consulting Group, actress, theater and film producer, social philanthropist, French Countess from the Theraube lineage, former counterintelligence IDF officer, and Senior Vice President of a next gen fintech company. Her background and unique credentials in dance, fitness, nutrition, modeling, and acting sets her apart as a strong leader with a unique voice in the business and entertainment world.

Throughout the book, Mira expresses a strong message that models can work professionally at any given age, depicting their current stage in life to inspire that targeted audience. “Twenty years of experience has a far greater value than being 20 years old, even in a business driven by external beauty,”explains Mira.While most fashion modeling books speak to the 1% dreaming of becoming a supermodel — for most, an unattainable goal — this book speaks to the other 99% who, at some point, dream of modeling but were told they were not good enough.

ANONYMOUSLY FAMOUS™️ outlines an in-depth look at the platforms an aspiring model needs to be familiar with: print, commercial, voice-over, hosting, animation, unions, agents, managers, casting directors, photographers, modeling [fit, foot, fitness, part, petit, plus, mature, etc.], giving the reader enough mileage to take their own journey. In today’s world, the only thing you have going for you is you!Are you the best version of yourself at any given age?

No stranger to change, Mira made a transition and became a Miami resident after saying farewell to her beloved New York, the city that developed her tenacious character. “There is no place like New York City, a home that embraced me and built me, but it was time for a change to explore a new adventure,” Mira reminisces. “Every great chapter must end for a new one to begin and I am so excited for my future in Miami to unfold with fresh opportunities and stories to share.”

Even though Mira has left New York behind, the New York State of mind and bold choices are still very present and active in her production world. One of Mira’s upcoming  projects is her executive producing and important role in the much anticipated movie, ARUGAM BAY, directed by Marco Carmel and staring top Israeli actors: Maor Schwitzer, Yadin Gellman, and Joy Rieger — to be released in Israel this summer and currently making the festival rounds in the European market including: Berlin, London, Brussels, and Paris.

Besides her projects in the entertainment world, Mira sits among some of the top global business executives. She has taken the role as Senior Vice President of Tru Universe, a fintech company providing payment platforms and solutions by creating rewards and incentive programs for businesses, making them financially literate. In a leadership position at Tru, Mira uses her combined eclectic expertise in marketing and branding to develop forward thinking sales techniques for the company while inspiring new leads in this innovative industry.

“Just as I write in my book, your authentic  presence, loyalty, and positive attitude will be the major factors in any joint venture or collaboration. It has always been the same recipe with only different ingredients,” Mira says. In her recent speaking engagement on Tribe Tel Aviv for “olim hadashim,” led by Shanna Fuld, she elaborated on her philosophy that you should be the driver of your life and explained how she always avoids being the passenger. “I’d rather go to the wrong places being the driver, rather than the right places as a passenger,” is one of her staple quotes.

As an Israeli, public speaking comes easy to Mira using her uncensored voice on panels, podcasts, and interview discussions as she is not afraid to sound controversial when necessary. “Unity is more important now than ever worldwide, which starts with nurturing your confidence and individuality. Being able to ignite breakthroughs in the thought processes of my audience made me content. One of the most rewarding experiences of using my platforms is witnessing the impact I happen to leave on people’s lives, sometimes unknowingly.”

Link to Anonymously Famous™  “A how-to guide for achieving an everlasting career in the world of Commercial Print Lifestyle Modeling” by Mira Tzur:


Print Version

Audiobook Version

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Written by Mira Tzur/ Ina Bochian