420 Blazin Brunch: A Day to Remember

On Saturday, April 20th, cannabis enthusiasts and advocates alike gathered in style at the highly anticipated 420 Blazin Brunch event. Hosted by The Library Dispensary in collaboration with Bevrly Cannabis Delivery, this day party set a new standard for celebrating the national cannabis holiday.

The chosen venue was none other than the LightRail Cafe, a cherished four-story brownstone gem in the Jersey City community known for its chic ambiance, pulsating beats, and renowned happy hour offerings. As guests stepped into the LightRail Cafe, they were enveloped by an atmosphere buzzing with excitement and positive energy from the ground all the way to the rooftop with New York skyline views.

The 420 Blazin Brunch menu was a culinary delight, featuring a carefully curated selection of brunch favorites like chicken and waffles, catfish and grits and steak and eggs and much more. From delectable bites to refreshing beverages, each dish was a testament to the innovative possibilities of the cannabis community.

Beyond the gastronomic experience, the event fostered connections and camaraderie among attendees who share a passion for cannabis culture. Networking conversations flowed effortlessly against the backdrop of upbeat tunes and the laid-back vibe of the LightRail Cafe. Participating vendors such as Bud R Us, Zombrownies, and Urban Spiritualist added an extra layer of excitement and variety to the 420 Blazin Brunch experience. Each vendor brought their unique offerings to the event, catering to different preferences and tastes among the attendees.

Bud R Us delighted guests with a diverse selection of premium cannabis products, showcasing the latest strains and innovative consumption methods. Their knowledgeable staff provided insights and recommendations, enhancing the overall educational aspect of the event.

Zombrownies stole the show with their live zombie model who walked around the venue promoting the soon-to-be delectable assortment of cannabis-friendly brownies and desserts. From classic flavors to adventurous creations, Zombrownies can satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth while showcasing the versatility of cannabis in culinary arts.

Urban Spiritualist brought a holistic touch to the occasion, offering wellness products and spiritual items such as crystals, sage and readings. Guests had the opportunity to explore alternative ways of incorporating cannabis into their wellness routines, emphasizing the plant’s multifaceted benefits beyond recreational use.

Together, these vendors contributed to the vibrant essence of the 420 Blazin Brunch, allowing attendees to indulge, learn, and connect in a dynamic environment that celebrated the diversity and richness of cannabis culture. Their presence underscored the growing innovation and creativity within the cannabis industry, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

The collaboration between The Library Dispensary and Bevrly Cannabis Delivery was instrumental in delivering a flawless event from start to finish. Together, they crafted an occasion that not only celebrated cannabis advocacy but also highlighted its positive impact within a community-driven context.

The 420 Blazin Brunch wasn’t just an event; it was a celebration of cannabis, community, and creativity. As the festivities concluded, attendees departed with cherished connections, memorable goodie bags and eager anticipation for future gatherings that will continue to shape the evolving landscape of cannabis culture. Here’s to more 420 unforgettable moments and meaningful experiences on the horizon!

Photos by Orlando Vidal & Crios Photography