New Skincare Brand Versine is the Only Line Created to Combat the Effects of Pregnancy and Post-Partum Skin Conditions


The emotional and physical upheaval of postpartum depression is now well-documented and understood. It affects women of all backgrounds and celebrities from Brooke Shields to Adele have been outspoken about the depression, anxiety, and inadequacy that accompany this condition. But few have been equally candid about the havoc this condition wreaks on skin.

According to Dermatology Times, hormonal fluctuations and the body’s increased demand for hydration due to breastfeeding cause the skin to become parched with noticeable changes in texture. Low estrogen levels affect the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. All things we need to keep skin supple, plump, and soft.

While the market seems to be flooded recently with skincare brands addressing sensitive skin and/or clean ingredients, none have addressed the possible harmful effects of topical skincare on pregnancy.

It took a woman originally from Mongolia named Jie Gao, who had not even used skincare until her thirties and with no prior beauty experience, to create formulas suitable for her reactive skin.

A domestic violence prosecutor in South Carolina, Gao spent her early childhood under the harsh economic realities of communist China. “There were no beauty rituals in my family, whatsoever,” Gao recalls. “Beauty and skincare didn’t come into the equation as there were no extra funds and was seen as frivolous and distracting.”

During Gao’s second pregnancy and a job at a big law firm, she was feeling the effects again of inadequate available skincare for pregnant women. After years of research with top dermatologists from Harvard and Yale, Gao founded Versine–the first and only skincare brand formulated especially for new moms and mothers-to-be, and anyone else who questions the efficacy and quality of mainstream products.

  • All products are formulated with Versine’s medical advisors from Yale, Harvard, and VA Commonwealth
  • The water-based, hydrating serums quickly absorb and prep skin for makeup or sunscreen without pilling.
  • Provides multiple benefits and ease of use.
  • The concentration of each active ingredient is selected to maximize efficacy and minimize irritation.
  • Housed in purple, European-made Miron glass. Recyclable. Its photo-protective ability is one of the best in the industry for preserving natural and active ingredients.
  • Unlaminated round paper cartons so the packaging can be recycled (most jurisdictions do not recycle laminated paper). CMYK printing, hot foil stamped gold foil logo & details, hot foil stamped black foil text, handmade. 157gsm Kraft paper  + 1.5 mm paper board. The foil used is incredibly thin, so it doesn’t affect recyclability.
  • The brand’s goal is to become the go-to skincare line for pregnant and nursing women. All ingredients are pregnancy-friendly and created with an OBGYN and dermatologist.
  • The packaging and the branding highlight femininity and the cycles of nature.

You may shop for Versine on their website at or at