SHISEIDO INTRODUCES NEW WASO COLLECTION: A Next Generation Sustainably Sourced Skincare Line For Gen Z

Move over Millennials, it’s time for Gen Z to have their very own prestige skincare line. A true heritage brand and Asian beauty pioneer, the eight products for the new Shiseido WASO Collection are suitable for all ages, of course, but pinpoints the concerns and principles that are at the core of the Gen Z mindset.

The product range targets the concerns of young consumers such as enlarged pores, excess sebum, and dark circles as well as preventing future damage with a daily oil-free sunscreen. Clean, sustainable, and cruelty-free, the product range features raw food-grade key ingredients from four regions in Japannaturally sourced to tackle specific concerns. Instead of working with conventional large-scale suppliers, WASO works directly with farmers in Japan to ensure traceability, freshness, and potency of ingredients while supporting local economies. These ingredients are then harnessed by scientists to create nutrient-rich skincare with proven efficacy.

 Through extensive and pioneering research on the impacts of various stresses on the skin, Shiseido discovered that digital fatigue changes skin conditions such as deterioration of skin barrier function, irregularity in corneocytes, and increased oxidative damage factor. Scientists discovered that Shikuwasa Lime Extract enhances the expression of caspase-14, an important enzyme for skin barrier and moisturizing functions. This key ingredient is used on all WASO products.

The WASO Collection was designed to support a more sustainable future. Shiseido created the powerhouse formula to be focused on locally sourced ingredients that deliver maximum skin benefits while excluding unwanted or unnecessary ingredients. It prioritized recycling and upcycling to minimize waste. The packaging features outer caps made of 30% upcycled rice husk, outer jars made with 95% recycled plastic, and cartons made of FSC-certified paper. Shiseido worked directly with farmers to help revitalize local economies and build thriving ecosystems. Through the WASO Local Revitalization Project, portions of WASO sales are donated to Shikuwasa farmers in Okinawa with the goal of planting 3,000 trees by 2024. The collection meets the Clean at Sephora standard.