The SKINNⓇ You’re In: A West Coast-inspired fragrance that adapts to your natural body chemistry to create your own unique scent

Los Angeles, CA (August 8, 2022) — SKINNⓇ, the Los Angeles-based skincare and cosmetics company with professional-grade cosmeceuticals for at-home skin solutions has expanded into the fragrance space with a signature scent that transforms with each consumer’s individual pheromones. The new SKINN® Eau de Parfum is available now on

The California of your dreams. Bright and effervescent on top, with a dry down of soft woods anchored by an herbaceous oud note. Never overwhelming, but will envelop you with its sunlit allure and promise of cool wooded mountains.

Inspired by the endless blue skies of Malibu, sandy surf and fresh ocean air, this namesake fragrance for all capture the nostalgia from that first beach-lined Pacific Coast drive, freely evoking the memories of life’s most fluid moments. The top notes of the fragrance will energize and awaken the senses, while the middle and bottom notes offer a heightened, warming to the skin; all perfectly balanced to create SKINN® Eau de Parfum.

The signature notes that make up the scent layers of the fragrance include:

  • Top Notes: Bergamot Blossom, Neroli, Lemon Peel
  • ● Middle Notes: Amber, Oud, Orange Flower
  • ● Bottom notes: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Musk

The new SKINNⓇ Eau de Parfum also uses the technology of scent molecules to adapt to your natural body chemistry Page eating your own unique scent with each use.

“With the creation of the new fragrance, I wanted a scent that I love to live my life in, and for everyone to feel the same way,” says Dimitri James, Licensed Esthetician and Founder of SKINNⓇ. “My passion has always been to help people achieve their skincare goals, and the fragrance complemented everyone’s skincare and daily routine.”

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